DMN Events at BBC-2015

This year BBC-2015 will feature many DMN related events. For your convenience, below you will find them in the chronological order:

Nov 2  1:30-4:30pm Tutorial “Business Analysis and Architecture with Decision Modeling“, James Taylor, Decision Management Solutions
Nov 3 1:30-4:30pm Tutorial “A Methodology for Modeling Decisions Using TablesJan Vanthienen, K.U. Leuven
Nov 4 4:50-5:50pm Presentation “Good Old UServ Product Derby in the Brave New World of Decision Management”. Dr. Jacob Feldman, OpenRules, James Taylor,  Decision Management Solutions
Nov 4 10:25-11:25am

Presentation “Extending Business Architecture with the Regulatory Architecture using Decisions and DMN“, Gagan Saxena, Decision Management Solutions

Nov 5 4:50-5:50pm
Room: Milano V
Keynote “50 Ways to Boost Your Business & Decision Analysis“, Jan Vanthienen, K.U. Leuven
Nov 5 5:50-7:15 pm
Room: Milano V
Meeting “DMN at BBC” organized by with participation of DMN practitioners, vendors and representatives of DMN RTF
Nov 6 8:00-8:50am

Presentation “Lessons Learned from the Real-Life Deployment of Decision Management at Scale“, James Taylor, Decision Management Solutions

Nov 6 10:10-11:10am Presentation “DMN Demystified: The Decision Modeling Revolution Starts Now!“, Bruce Silver, Bruce Silver Associates/BPMessentials
Nov 6 10:10-11:10am

Presentation “BPMN, CMMN, DMN: An Intro to the Triple Crown of Process Improvement Standards“, Denis Gagné, Trisotech

On November 3-4 at the BBC EXPO you may learn about different DMN implementations at the vendors booths:  Bosch, Progress, Signavio, BiZZdesign, Idiom, Sparkling Logic, and OpenRules.

We encourage all our members, visitors, and DM practitioners to attend BBC-2015 – you still may receive a 20% discount on the Conference Passports using the discount code DMCLV15 from here.

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