Launch-First Mentality: Heresy or Norm?

MITSloan published a new paper “Implement First, Ask Questions Later (or Not at All)“. It says: “Companies used to spend years clarifying business requirements before they would even think of launching new software. Today, cheaper cloud-based apps mean that implementation decisions are made on the fly — and there’s no going back.”  Continue reading

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The Dawn of Digital Decisioning – A Forrester Report

James Taylor provides a brief overview of the just published Forrester Research report  “The Dawn Of Digital Decisioning($499) that makes great points about the power of Decision Management and provides recommendations about how best to approach Digital Decisioning: “When and how will vendors step up to provide platforms that simplify delivery of digital decisioning? Which vendors are leading the trend? This research will define digital decisions and their requirements, setting the stage for assessments of the vendor landscape and leading digital decisioning platforms in a Forrester Wave™“.

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Decision as a Service (DaaS) by Trisotech

Denis Gagné presented the latest version of Trisotech DMN Modeler at bpmNEXT-2018 as a complete modeling environment for DMN including execution, testing, searching, deployment as a decision service, collaboration, and more. It includes a Centralized Dictionary that is actually an ontology. Watch

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ACTICO Modeler 8 with full DMN support

With the jump to version 8, ACTICO’s Decision Management Suite provides full support for the DMN standard on conformance level 3.  Continue reading

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DMN Cookbook

Bruce Silver and Edson Tirelli just published a new DMN book available from Amazon. You may download (for free) many Decision Models described in the book and import/modify/execute them using Trisotech DMN Modeler.

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Say Something to Books…

With Talk to Books, Google Research provides an entirely new way to explore books. You make a statement or ask a question, and the tool finds sentences in books that respond, with no dependence on keyword matching. In a sense you are talking to the books, getting responses which can help you determine if you’re interested in reading them or not.  Would we be able to similarly talk to decision models? Continue reading

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Does Real-World Decision Management Need Inference?

ReasonOrNotA set of recent articles by Paul Haley again brings attention to this important question. Paul insists that “It’s time to trade rule technology dating back to the 80’s for state of the art AI” and points that “BRMS are incapable of the functionality people naturally expect (e.g., robust inference)“. James Taylor insists that “People don’t expect robust inference, experts do 🙂 DMN coordinates business rules/tabular decision logic, predictive analytics, AI… and it seems to be working for 100% of problems“. Jacob Feldman wrote about importance of the integration of decision management and semantic reasoning. Continue reading

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