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Our new sponsors: FlexRule and INRULE welcomes new sponsors, vendors of popular BR&DM products:

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One Microjourney™ at a time

Alan Trefler, CEO at Pegasystems, just introduced “The new way of operating: One microjourney™ at a time“: What we’re really talking about are microjourneys – an optimized outcome for each customer touchpoint that, for example, changes the customer experience, builds a relationship, or achieves a specific organizational milestone. Acquiring a new customer, opening a new account, fulfilling an order, or resolving a billing inquiry all fit the definition of a microjourney. Applying a microjourney view to systems and operations can help businesses streamline both. Pushing “microjourneys vs traditional business architectures” sounds very similar to the modern “microservices vs. monolithic technical architectures” approach. Link

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Decision Management: What It Is and Why You Need It

In this webinar Gartner expert Roy Schulte describes the state of the art in decision management and offers guidance on how to get started. Link

Gartner is preparing a new report on decision management vendors.

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Intelligent Core

Read Neil Ward-Dutton’s article “IDC: The most important decision you’ll make in the next decade“:

Have you noticed operational decision services inside the Intelligent Core? They are the ones who provide the “capability to drive intelligent behaviour and actions, linking human and machine-derived knowledge from the widest possible information sources, will drive optimum system behaviour and business outcomes.

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The “boring” benefits of AI

InformationAge published an interesting article “If you want to see the benefits of AI, forget moonshots and think boring“.  “While the ‘low-hanging-fruit’ approach to AI may sound monotonous, if you add all the small boring initiatives together, things start to get interesting… If you just have a bunch of little disconnected projects, nobody’s going to get excited. However, if you know that each one is improving things incrementally, when you combine them, they add up to a huge amount of transformation. So a collection of low-hanging fruit is an excellent idea.”  Business Rules and Decision Models are certainly among such ‘low-hanging-fruit’. Link

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DARPA Explainable AI Program

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Explainable AI (XAI) program:

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