Process 2019

Jim Sinur’s post “Process 2019” identifies three major themes for process in 2019: 1) Customer Experience; 2) Automation; 3) Actions at the Edge. Here are a few quotes: “we will see a convergence of customer mapping, human computer interface and visible explainable intelligence working in concert“; “cognitive assisted human decisions and actions“; “Goal driven and constraint guided processes of various size and scopes will be acting at the edge in an autonomous fashion thus putting a premium on better forms of decision management and action controlLink

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CES 2019: A Show Report

Steven Sinofsky published his report from CES 2019, “the annual gathering of over 180,000 people from all over the world who converge on Las Vegas to see the latest and greatest from over 4,000 exhibits. This year was interesting and thought-provoking. Many technologies are maturing and what is needed now is a great deal of work to make them far more usable, useful, and desirable for the mass market. Please enjoy this report of the goings on at the show.” Link

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Can man ever build a mind?

On Jan 10, 2019 Financial Times published an interesting article written by a UK neurosurgeon that lists AI problems:
The biggest is that brains are nothing like computers
The human brain, it is suggested, will never be able to understand itself. You cannot cut butter with a knife made of butter.” Link

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XAI – Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Two new articles about explainable AI: Link1 Link2

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Roger Martin at Thinkers50 Forum

As the keynote speaker of the Thinkers50 European Business Forum 2018 and #1 ranked Thinkers50 business guru, Roger Martin shares his latest ideas about how we can make better choices in today’s business world. “We operate on the basis of models. Sometimes the models end up being not as helpful as we wish. I pointed out to three prominent models that are in existence in the business world now.” Link

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Challenge Jan-2019 “Identify Unfriendly Robots”

Our Jan-2019 Challenge asks you to help a cyber police to specify rules that identify if a robot is friendly or unfriendly. The rules can be expressed in terms of any features you can see in robots, such as the shape of the head, the color of the jacket, the height, the color of their antennas, what they are holding in their hands, whether they are smiling or not, etc. When manually determined rules failed,  the police started to look at the integrated machine learning and business rules approach. If you can help, please send your solution to

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