NYT Interview with Benjamin Grosof

New Your Times published an interview “Is There a Smarter Path to Artificial Intelligence? Some Experts Hope So” with Benjamin Grosof, a leading AI expert and a frequent presenter at RuleML+RR and
DecisionCAMP.  While deep learning comes from the statistical side of AI, the interview brings attention to non-deep learning tools such as Prolog, a programming language that dates to the 1970s and becomes even more important nowadays. It was designed for the reasoning and knowledge representation side of AI, which processes facts and concepts, and tries to complete tasks that are not always well defined. Link

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Spotting Perfect Art Forgeries

The Guardian published an article “How to spot a perfect fake: the world’s top art forgery detective“. Forgeries have got so good – and so costly – that Sotheby’s has brought in its own in-house fraud-busting expert. One expert said: “Forgeries are hurting the art market – but I’d buy ones this good”.

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A Practitioner’s Review of DMN 1.2

Jan Purchase, a well-known DM practitioner and co-author of “Real-World Decision Modeling with DMN“, reviewed new features of the upcoming DMN Release 1.2. Which features will be genuinely useful and which are still missing? Read Jan’s article.

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Why aren’t companies achieving their digital transformation goals?

Alan Trefler, Pegasystems: “I have the privilege of talking with many of the world’s largest and most successful companies about critical digital transformation projects, and I hear some common themes that even the most advanced organizations find challenging — good ideas aren’t fully realized, “quick win” projects become drawn out – and even abandoned – or technology doesn’t generate the intended results. Why? Here are some common issues: 1) Custom coding for each channel; 2) Focusing on automating tasks instead of outcomes; 3) Creating an unintentional digital gap between the front and back office.” Read more

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How Blockchain Technology Can Save The IRS

The IRS plans to spend $291 million updating 140 computer systems to help it implement the new tax law and a private blockchain platform will be at the center of this transformation. “For example, when a bank or financial institutions transfers 401(k) plan funds to an IRA, the transaction can be verified and reported by the parties on a blockchain so that the IRS will have immediate access to the data.  The same technology can be employed for almost all Form 1099 related transactions, which amount to over one billion dollars a year, according to the IRS.  Likewise, a digital ledger platform could let the IRS or other government regulators audit individuals or corporations in real time, giving them instant access to financial or tax return related data.Link

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Blockchain: a story of potential, and patience

Today Forrester sent out this email: “Blockchain’s potential is huge, but let’s face it: the technology simply isn’t ready for your business. In 2018, blockchain projects will fall into one of three categories: 1) Pure R&D; 2) Immediate (but small-scale) business benefit ; 3) Long-term transformational potential“. Watch this complimentary webinar

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Microsoft confirms GitHub acquisition

Microsoft is confirming the rumors that it is acquiring the software development platform GitHub are true. Microsoft has announced it is acquiring GitHub for $7.5 billion in Microsoft stock. According to GitHub, as of March 2018 it has more than 27 million developers with 80 million repositories hosted. Link

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