DMN RTF Meeting at DecisionCAMP-2017 on July 12

OMG DMN Revision Task Force will hold a technical meeting at DecisionCAMP-2017 on July 12, 2017 at Birkbeck University of London. It will be another important event related to the DMN standard. You may see all events between July 12 and 14 in this Schedule.  Additionally James Taylor and Jan Purchase will run Decision Modeling Masterclass at the same location on July 11. If you haven’t registered for DecisionCAMP yet, please do it ASAP – the registration fee is only 50 GBP.

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A Practical Guide to Machine Learning

Rob Thomas and Jean-François Puget published “A Practical Guide to Machine Learning: Understand, Differentiate, and Apply“. Along with typical Machine Learning traps, it provides practical advises, e.g.: 1) “Move application development from programming to training: instead of writing new code, the application developer trains the same application with new data.” 2) “Learn continuously by monitoring the effectiveness of predictions and retraining when needed.” The guide is short but meaningful.

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Two Frustrations With the Data Science Industry

NathanBrixiusOn May 13, 2017 Nathan Brixius described his frustrations with data science industry (such as overclassification and overreliance on credentials) starting with this rant:

I don’t give a shit if you call yourself a data scientist, an analyst, a machine learning practitioner, an operations research specialist, a data engineer, a modeler, a statistician, a code poet, or a squirrel. I don’t care if you have a PhD, if you went to MIT or a community college, if you were born on a farm or in a city, or if Andrew Ng DMs you for tips. I want to know what you can do, if you can share, if you can learn, if you can listen, and if you can stand for what is right even if it’s unpopular. If we’re good there, the rest we can figure out together.Continue reading

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The Object Management Group (OMG) invites Business Process Modeling practitioners and interested parties to attend this free innovative and informative meet and greet “BPMN in Action“. Cocktails and light snacks will be served while leading software vendors will demonstrate live the iterative elaboration and interchange of a BPMN model using their respective tools that implement the BPMN standard. The event will take place on June 5 at Radisson Blu Hotel in Brussels. Hopefully, we will see a similar “DMN in Action” event in the nearest future.

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A Popular Overview of Natural Language Processing and related AI techniques


This new article “Overview of Artificial Intelligence and Role of Natural Language Processing in Big Data” in simple terms explains major AI techniques and key differences between NLP, AI, ML, DL & NN

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Interpreting Machine Learning

CorrelationYou’ve probably heard by now that machine learning algorithms can use big data to predict whether a donor will give to a charity, whether an infant in a NICU will develop sepsis, whether a customer will respond to an ad, and on and on. Machine learning can even drive cars and predict elections. … Err, wait. Can it? I believe it can, but these recent high-profile hiccups should leave everyone who works with data (big or not) and machine learning algorithms asking themselves some very hard questions: do I understand my data? Do I understand the model and answers my machine learning algorithm is giving me? And do I trust these answers?” Patrick Hall published an article that presents several approaches beyond the usual error measures and assessment plots for visualizing data and interpreting machine learning models and results.

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RapidGen is our New Sponsor welcomes a new premium sponsor RapidGen Software who offers a powerful DMN execution engine capable to handle complex logic at scale. RapidGen translates XML output from DMN modeling tools into highly efficient, directly executable machine code using a single-pass compiler. RapidGen Software is based in London, UK.  With its extensive experience in decision-table based logic programming, the company’s software is integral to business-critical applications in large scale sites in Europe and North America including aerospace parts tracking, mobile telecoms billing, sales distribution and nuclear power. Read more about RapidGen here. Read about current sponsors and sponsorship benefits here.

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