Consuming Optimization models for Operational Decisions

During DecisionCAMP-2020, we had several presentations devoted to incorporation of Optimization Engines in Business Decision Models: 1) Developing Decision Optimization Microservices for Real-World Decision-Making Applications by Jacob Feldman; 2)  cDMN: Combining DMN with Constraint Reasoning by a KU Leuven’s team.

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Consuming ML models for Operational Decisions

During DecisionCAMP-2020 Vendor’s Panel, Guilhem Molines announced availability of new IBM Automation Decisions Services (ADS). This article describes how ADS incorporates Machine Learning in Decision Modeling. Link Continue reading

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The First Online DecisionCAMP Became a Success

The majority of people who attended our first ever Online DecisionCAMP-2020 say it was a success. We had presenters from 12 countries and 278 registered attendees from 46 countries – see the Program. It will take time to analyze the event and to decide on the format of DecisionCAMP-2021. Meanwhile, we’ve already decided to keep DecisionCAMP “ever-running” using these channels where you can find all discussions and presentation recordings:
1) Slack/Zoom:
2) YouTube:
Staring this month we will also run Monthly Online Sessions.

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DecisionCAMP-2020 starts on June 29

DecisionCAMP-2020 starts on June 29 at 10:30 am EST – see the Program and Schedule. We have presenters from 12 countries and 275 people from 46 countries already registered for this major Business Rules and Decision Management event of the year. Join us online through these DecisionCAMP channels:
1) Slack/Zoom:
2) YouTube: Continue reading

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BizOps–Aligning Business and IT in Automated Decision-making

In his post with this title,Tom Davenport talks about “BizOps”—a new effort to address and improve the relationship between IT and business. Like other “Ops”—DevOps, AIOps, RevOps, etc.— it’s an aspirational attempt to combine two processes and cultures—business and technology. Link

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July-2020 Challenge “Spatial Business Rules”

Our July Challenge asks you to implement spatial rules oriented to business users not familiar with GIS APIs. Examples of the rules include:
1) If at least one hospital is within 5 km from the Airport increase Spatial Significance Score by 5
2) If Hospital Referral Region has fewer than 5 Hospital Service Areas in it decrease Spatial Significance Score by 1
3) If there are between 5 and 15 Hospitals within 25 km of the Airport increase Spatial Significance Score by 3
How will use represent these business rules using DMN-like decision tables? Link

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What comes after Zoom?

Benedict Evans: “There will be video in everything, just as there is voice in everything, and… then it will disappear inside. You don’t necessarily need an account to join a call, and you generally don’t need an application either, especially on the desktop – you just click on a link in your calendar and the call opens in the browser. Indeed, the calendar is often the aggregation layer – you don’t need to know what service the next call uses, just when it is.Link

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What is emotion AI and why should you care?

An article with this title was published by KDnuggets. “Emotions help us to understand and explore the world. What if we could incorporate emotions into machine learning systems to help inform them?Link Continue reading

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The 25 greatest Java apps ever written

From space exploration to genomics, from reverse compilers to robotic controllers, Java is at the heart of today’s world. Java Magazine offers a few of the countless Java apps that stand out from the crowd. Link

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The latest NLP revolution

Read an interview with Noam Shazeer who helped spark the latest NLP revolution. “He developed the multi-headed self-attention mechanism described in “Attention Is All You Need,” the 2017 paper that introduced the transformer network. That architecture became the foundation of a new generation of models that have a much firmer grip on the vagaries of human language. Shazeer’s grandparents fled the Nazi Holocaust to the former Soviet Union, and he was born in Philadelphia in 1976 to a multi-lingual math teacher turned engineer and a full-time mom.” Read more

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