The True Meaning Of Digital Transformation

Forrester’s Research Director Martin Gill explains the true meaning of digital transformation in this podcast. “Digital transformation has come to mean so many things that it’s almost meaningless. Companies have automated call centers, digitized sales channels, and catered to mobility — but does that really count as transformation? The answer is no. Digital isn’t a channel — and transformation isn’t a project. The fundamental purpose of digital transformation is not to digitize an existing state but to reimagine an entirely different business model that habitually places technology at its core.Link

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Data Science Dead in 5 Years or Less?

Justin B. Dickerson just published an article with the above title (without a question mark): “Did I get your attention? I hope so because we’re facing a significant problem in the data science market that no one is talking about.” Justin shares these 5 observations:

  • DATA SCIENCE != BIG DATA (or at least it doesn’t have to!)
  • DATA SCIENCE != DEEP LEARNING (Okay, it does, but read on……)
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DMN for Clinical Decision Support

Can DMN be used for creating shareable knowledge artifacts for Clinical Decision Support (CDS)? This paper considers different options. “If so, then we can take advantage of many of the DMN tools to author knowledge artifacts and implement CDS services to provide clinicians, staff, patients, or other individuals with knowledge and person-specific information, intelligently filtered or presented at appropriate times, to enhance health and health care.” Link

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12th International Rule Challenge 2018

During the Logic for AI Summit hosted by the University of Luxembourg in September there will be an International Rule Challenge that seeks to provide competition among innovative rule-oriented applications, aimed at both the research and industrial side. Business Rules Modeling is among the Challenge topics. We encourage all DecisionCAMP-2018 presenters and attendees to participate in the Challenge with an opportunity to win the Challenge Award (EUR 500)! Submit your challenge application by July 31.

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Why Contribute to Open Source?

This article has interesting points made by a theoretical chemist turned software engineer. “The answer to this question has many facets, but I can almost guarantee that at least one of them will appeal to you. One of the best reasons to contribute to an open source project is that it will almost certainly expose you to new facets of programming you haven’t been exposed to. Another reason why contributing to open source projects is dope: the people. When you contribute to an open source project, you’re getting the opportunity to work with people that are sometimes on the other side of the world. Being exposed to other rhythms can teach you a lot of really useful interpersonal skills while also teaching you how to work remotely.” Link1 Link2

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Get Real!

Alan Trefler, the founder and CEO of Pegasystems, just published a very articulated article “Get Real!“. Here are a few quotes: “In today’s world of promises and hype, it’s tempting to jump on that bandwagon. But I believe strongly the software industry needs to be clear about what’s puffery vs. what’s real and doable.” Continue reading

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Challenge July-2018 “Zoo, Buses, and Kids”

This month we offer a simple decision optimization problem “Zoo, Buses, and Kids” as our July-2018 Challenge. We expect that not only special optimization tools like IBM CP Optimizer but traditional decision modeling tools can be used to solve the problem. Or probably you could solve it without any tools.

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