Cross Vendor DMN Collaboration

At the recent RuleML+RR+DecisionCAMP event in London several vendors presented their common work that demonstrated “The Effectiveness of DMN Portability“. This paper introduces DMN with a focus on the portability of its executable profile across computational platforms. The paper proposes a cross vendor collaboration challenge, “Vacation Days” from the Decision Management Community, to test the effectiveness of the standard for use in cross vendor situations. The different degrees of compliance and extensions as supported by the vendors is also discussed. See also DMN Interchange in Action

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Chess Puzzles for Decision Modelers

Sometimes complex business logic reminds chess puzzles. So, we decided from time to time to publish chess puzzles for decision modelers who are tired of solving complex decision modeling problems.  Some puzzles are very simple while others may be more complex, but you don’t have to be a chess master to solve the most of them like you don’t have to be an experienced developer to represent your business decision logic. Visit our new page Chess Puzzles and enjoy!

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Submit Solutions to Challenge “DMN Chapter 11 Example” by 08/31/2017

So far, we received 4 solutions for the June-2017 Challenge.  During DecisionCAMP-2017 a lot of people expressed their eagerness to see the voting results. Based on requests from practitioners, we decided to give people more time to prepare and submit their solutions. Please submit your solutions until the August 31, 2017. Then we will hold an online vote by members of to define the best decision modeling approaches using this commonly known problem and all submitted solutions. Stay tuned!

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Notes from DecisionCAMP-2017

According to many people who attended DecisionCAMP on July 12-14 in London, it became a real success. Let me start with a few quotes from attendees:

“Congrats on a very good Decision Camp event. This was a great stimulating event and I look forward to participate to future meetings. It was just great!”

“I would like to express our appreciation for the excellent organization of DecisionCAMP 2017. You may know that the mission of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is to enrich people’s lives with programmes and services that Inform, Educate and Entertain.  We believe that DecisionCAMP, in its first visit to London, admirably achieved all three objectives. The partnering opportunities which arose for us last week will help us to contribute more comprehensively to the DMN/Decision Management community and end users.”

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DecisionCAMP Starts on July 12

DecisionCAMP-2017 starts on July 12, 2017 at Birkbeck University of London. Based on overwhelming response from DM practitioners worldwide and participation of the major DM authorities, it promises to become the major DM event of the year. See the Program and Presenters.

You already may take a look at drafts of almost all presentations by clicking on the  presentation title from the Schedule page.  Good luck, DecisionCAMP!

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Machine-Learning Identifies Heart Arrhythmia

It might not be long before algorithms routinely save lives—as long as doctors are willing to put ever more trust in machines. A team of researchers at Stanford University, led by Andrew Ng, has shown that a machine-learning model can identify heart arrhythmias from an electrocardiogram (ECG) better than an expert. The automated approach could prove important to everyday medical treatment by making the diagnosis of potentially deadly heartbeat irregularities more reliable. It could also make quality care more readily available in areas where resources are scarce. Read more

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Blockchain Reference Architecture and Decision Models

blockchain.architectureBlockchain technology has the potential to have a major impact on how institutions process transactions and conduct business. Blockchain technology provides a secure transaction ledger database through a decentralized network. It has the potential to reduce operational costs and friction, create transaction records that are secure and immutable, enable transparent ledgers with nearly instant updates, and open up new opportunities for growth. This whitepaper introduces basic blockchain concepts that define a standard reference architecture that can be used in creating blockchain applications. What role can decision models  play within business-oriented blockchains? Continue reading

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