Definition of Done

Modern Analyst published “Definition of Done – best practice to succeed in software projects“: How do we know when a user story is “done“? Can we say that the user story is done when it is coded and all acceptance tests for it are passed? Business representatives may say yes, but they do not know all the peculiarities of software development. So, such criteria as quality are not fully visible to them. Link

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A Developer Running For Parliament

Bozhidar Bozhanov, a well-known software professional, decided to run for Bulgarian parliament. He wrote: “Lawmaking is quite like programming (except it doesn’t regulate computer behavior, it regulates public life, which is far more complex and important). I already have a decent lawmaking experience and writing better, more precise and more “digital-friendly” laws is something that I like doing and something that I see as important.” Read more

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Implementing Rating Engines with Business Rules and Lookup Models

On June 17 at 12 PM EST Carole-Ann Berlioz from Sparkling Logic will run a webinar about rules-based rating engines, e.g. scoring engines, pricing engines, compensation calculations, claims payment calculations, and many other types of calculation engines aimed to calculate fees or costs.  Register

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Goodbye Zooming: BBC-2021 goes LIVE!

We received great news: Building Business Capability Conference BBC-2021 is taking place LIVE and IN PERSON in Hollywood, Florida in October 25-29! Come back together in the Diplomat Beach Resort just like in the good old times! Experience live sessions and meet the speakers at a conference atmosphere we’ve all been missing. You may get 15% discount using the registration code: DMCOMMUNITYBBC. Link 

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DecisionCAMP-2021 Submission Deadline is June 18

DecisionCAMP is the annual gathering of Business Rules and Decision Management practitioners with a strong technical background. If you plan to present at DecisionCAMP-2021 on Sep 13-15, you need to submit an abstract of your presentation by June 18 using EasyChair – see Call for Presentations.

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Challenge June-2021 “Where is gold?”


This month we asked our readers to use their favorite BR/DM tools or just common sense to solve a simple puzzle “Which box contains the gold?” The very first quick solution by Jan Vanthienen uses decision tables to classify different possibilities. It’s interesting that these decision tables don’t need to be executable as their design already resolves the problem. Of course, as Jan wrote, “a general formulation of the problem will be better” and probably a larger problem with more objects and known relationships between them (e.g. notorious Zebra Puzzle) would be more difficult to solve without a tool. Let’s wait for more solutions. Link

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“You’re crazy if you don’t start in the cloud; you’re crazy if you stay on it”

This A16Z article argues that SaaS companies should move back from the cloud to their own data centres once they scale. “Cloud is cheaper and better early on and more costly later in a company’s evolution… Make sure your system architects are aware of the potential for repatriation early on, because by the time cloud costs start to catch up to or even outpace revenue growth, it’s too late. Even modest or more modular architectural investment early on — including architecting to be able to move workloads to the optimal location and not get locked in — reduces the work needed to repatriate workloads in the future. The popularity of Kubernetes and the containerization of software, which makes workloads more portable, was in part a reaction to companies not wanting to be locked into a specific cloud.Link

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DecisionCAMP June-9 Session

Date: Wed June 9, 2021 at 12:00 PM EST (New York Time)
Title: “Performance of a Large Decision Table Deployed as a Microservice
Presenter: Dr. Bob Moore, JETset Business Consulting.

: There have been a number of solutions submitted to February’s decision modelling challenge. This talk inspired by the solutions to the challenge, looks at some aspects of managing large decision tables, considering the comparative performance of various solutions and suggesting things one should consider when trying to come up with an optimal approach when dealing with large decision tables. Read more Register Recording

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Data-centric AI development

Andrew Ng writes that ML research mainly concentrates on algorithms while the real-world applications deal more with data quality. “Benchmarks and competitions in which teams are asked to improve the data rather than the code would better reflect the workloads of many practical applications. I hope that such benchmarks also will spur research and help engineers gain experience working on data.”  Link

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ML has a proof-of-concept-to-production gap

Andrew Ng: “All of AI, not just healthcare, has a proof-of-concept-to-production gap. The full cycle of a machine learning project is not just modeling. It is finding the right data, deploying it, monitoring it, feeding data back [into the model], showing safety—doing all the things that need to be done [for a model] to be deployed. [That goes] beyond doing well on the test set, which fortunately or unfortunately is what we in machine learning are great at.” Link

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