Andrew Ng starts a manufacturing AI company

I am excited to announce, a new Artificial Intelligence company that will help other enterprises transform for the age of AI. We will initially focus on the manufacturing industryAndrew Ng

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“Sorry humans, you had a good run”

Chess changed forever on Dec. 6, 2017. And maybe the rest of the world did, too. After AlphaGo sensationally won against the top Go player a year ago, the artificial-intelligence program AlphaZero has obliterated the highest-rated chess engine. Stockfish, which for most top players is their go-to preparation tool, and which won the 2017 Computer Chess Championship, didn’t stand a chance. AlphaZero won the closed-door, 100-game match with 28 wins, 72 draws, and zero losses. Oh, and it took AlphaZero only four hours to “learn” chess. Sorry humans, you had a good run.” Read more and more

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Prepare to Vote for the Best Decision Model of 2017

Between Christmas and New Year we will conduct the public opinion poll to determine the best decision model among our Challenges published in 2017. Here they are:

Please analyze solutions of these 6 challenges and be ready to vote for up to 6 challenges/solutions you like the most. On January 1, 2018 we will announce 3 winners who receive the most votes.

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How Bitcoin Actually Works

Bitcoin price quickly passed $5,000, $11,000, and $17,000 (today) milestones. This 25 mins video explains how Bitcoin actually works.

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Detecting Serial Killers with Data

The New Yorker’s article “The Serial-Killer Detector” describes how an algorithm is discovering new links between unsolved murders. By a process of data aggregating, the algorithm gathers killings that are related by method, place, and time, and by the victim’s sex. It also considers whether the rate of unsolved murders in a city is notable, since an uncaught serial killer upends a police department’s percentages. Read more

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Christmas Challenge “Reindeer Ordering”

Santa always leaves plans for his elves to determine the order in which the reindeer will pull his sleigh. This year, for the European leg of his journey, his elves are working to a schedule, which will form a single line of nine reindeer. There are 15 reindeer ordering rules. Our Challenge Dec-2017 asks you to help elves to determine the order of the reindeer.

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Software Development and Age

Quora published an interesting answer to the question “Is software development really a dead-end job after age 35-40?“: “NO, software development is most certainly not a dead end job! It is a great job. Does it get tougher to get your next job as you get older? Oh hell yes. But, so what! If you love it as I do nothing but death or poor health can stop you. All it takes is a determination.” Read more

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