Explainability and Interpretability

Explainability of decisions produced by machines is one of the hottest topic these days (see XAI). Explainable AI usually makes decisions using a complicated black box model, and uses a second (posthoc) model created to explain what the first model is doing. Interpretable AI concentrates on models that can themselves be directly inspected and interpreted by human experts. The recent paper “Stop explaining  black box machine learning models for high stakes decisions and use interpretable models instead” shows the difference between explainability and interpretability, and states that the former may be problematic. Link

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How can we persuade people to trust an algorithm?

On Dec. 4 Andrew Ng listed several important techniques  that can persuade people to trust an algorithm. “Trust isn’t just about convincing others that our solution works. I use techniques like these because I find it at least as important to convince myself that a solution works, before I ask a customer to rely on it.” Here they are: Continue reading

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Dichotomy between Machine Learning and Business Rules

Prof. Hafedh Mili published an article “On the fallacy of the dichotomy between analytics/machine learning, and business rules“. The main points are:

  • We have been there before
  • Business rules rely on analytics
  • If you need to explain your decisions to someone, you need business rules
  • Deep learning cannot compensate for a shallow understanding for your domain
  • Business rules are explainable AI for business.                     Link
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Success Stories of Decision Optimization

From lifesaving discoveries, to increased efficiencies, to billions in savings realized, Operations Research (OR) and Analytics are making significant impact every day by optimizing real-world decisions. See  success stories described at the INFORMS website and IBM.

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Digital Art: Mirages and Miracles

“Mirages & Miracles is an augmented reality exhibition where the focus is not on the technology but on the experience. Mirages & miracles is a series of installations in which one is immersed in a very poetic way in virtual, three-dimensional worlds. Augmented drawings, holographic illusions, virtual reality headset are part of this exhibition.” Link

Mirages et miracles – trailer from Adrien M & Claire B on Vimeo.

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The upcoming California Consumer Privacy Act

CCPA, or the California Consumer Privacy Act, is the upcoming “small GDPR” that is applied for all companies that have users from California (i.e. it has extraterritorial application). It is not as massive as GDPR, but you may want to follow its general recommendations. The CCPA becomes effective on January 1, 2020 Link  A technical CCPA guide

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Mini-DecisionCAMP at BBC-2019

Building Business Capability 2019  is the largest annual BR&DM event oriented to business analysts. It will start next week in the Diplomat Beach Resort Hollywood, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, November 11-15. As a member of DMCommunity you may receive 15% discount by entering the code DMCBBC during the online registration. For the first time BBC-2019 will include a mini-DecisionCAMP as a special track on November 14 with the following presentations in the Atlantic Ballroom 1: Continue reading

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