Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2021

We highlighted Decision Intelligence. Compare with the 2018 trends. Link

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First time ever: Decision table is part of the law!

Prof. Jan Vanthienen just reported that for the first time ever a decision table became a part of the government law in Belgium/Flanders. Link

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Challenge Aug-2021: Titanic Booking Service

Our Aug-2021 Challenge follows the popular Kaddle Titanic competition that uses Machine Learning to predicts which passengers survived the Titanic shipwreck. In our challenge we want you to use the Kuddle training and test data to create and test a special decision model called “Titanic Booking Service”. First, you should create a decision model with rules that produce one of the following advices for each passenger: 1) Bon Voyage; 2) Go at your own risk; 3) Don’t do it!

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Testing your Decisions

Decision logic is not software code. As a result, you can’t be satisfied with testing tools and techniques that software developers use. Testing decision requires a different approach, different techniques, and different tools. Granted, ensuring that your decision service can compile is useful. But, the end goal is really to ensure that your decision logic complies with your business objectives. On July 22  Carole-Ann Berlioz from Sparkling Logic will explore what makes decisions different, how to test them, and how to automate regression tests.  Link

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Essentials of Microservices

Modern enterprises quickly evolved from monolithic to microservices architectures and expect rules-based decision services to be easily incorporated to cloud-based platforms. This paper could be helpful for organization considering to develop lightweight, easy to implement and reuse microservices, and getting them to work together within large decision-making applications. Link

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The Picasso Way for Procurement

Picasso mastered the art of abstracting away complexity. The design community has applied these lessons very effectively with companies such as Apple mastering the ‘Picasso Way’. In this piece, Alan Holland argues that business process automation can apply these principles in order to focus upon the essential aspects of a process that require human input and the details that can be abstracted away (i.e. automated). Link

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DecisionCAMP-2021 Submission Deadline is July 1

You still may submit an abstract of your presentation at DecisionCAMP-2021 by July 1:

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Definition of Done

Modern Analyst published “Definition of Done – best practice to succeed in software projects“: How do we know when a user story is “done“? Can we say that the user story is done when it is coded and all acceptance tests for it are passed? Business representatives may say yes, but they do not know all the peculiarities of software development. So, such criteria as quality are not fully visible to them. Link

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A Developer Running For Parliament

Bozhidar Bozhanov, a well-known software professional, decided to run for Bulgarian parliament. He wrote: “Lawmaking is quite like programming (except it doesn’t regulate computer behavior, it regulates public life, which is far more complex and important). I already have a decent lawmaking experience and writing better, more precise and more “digital-friendly” laws is something that I like doing and something that I see as important.” Read more

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Implementing Rating Engines with Business Rules and Lookup Models

On June 17 at 12 PM EST Carole-Ann Berlioz from Sparkling Logic will run a webinar about rules-based rating engines, e.g. scoring engines, pricing engines, compensation calculations, claims payment calculations, and many other types of calculation engines aimed to calculate fees or costs.  Register

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