Why Machine Learning Models Crash And Burn In Production

This is the title of the article published by Forbes: “One magical aspect of software is that it just keeps working. If you code a calculator app, it will still correctly add and multiply numbers a month, a year, or 10 years later. The fact that the marginal cost of software approaches zero has been a bedrock of the software industry’s business model since the 1980s.  This is no longer the case when you are deploying machine learning models. Making this faulty assumption is the most common mistake of companies taking their first AI products to market.Link Continue reading

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CP-2019 Workshop on Progress Towards the Holy Grail

Over twenty years ago the paper “In Pursuit of the Holy Grail” proposed that Constraint Programming was well-positioned to pursue the Holy Grail of computer science: the user simply states the problem and the computer solves it.  On September 30, 2019, at CP 2019 Prof. E. Freuder will run  this workshop that will look at progress towards that goal. Link

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MIT invests $1 billion into a new college of AI

One of the birthplaces of artificial intelligence, MIT, has announced a bold plan to reshape its academic program around the technology. With $1 billion in funding, MIT will create a new college that combines AI, machine learning, and data science with other academic disciplines. It is the largest financial investment in AI by any US academic institution to date. Link

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Real Time Decision Monitoring

The latest release of IBM ODM allows monitoring decision-making in real time. It includes a built-in Decisions dashboard of standard decision metrics such as decisions per second, the number of active rulesets, the number of times a rule or task is executed, and so on. You can also create custom views to get real-time insights about your decisions. For example, for a loan application you could look at the percentage of loan requests your system accepts, and the quality of those requests. Link

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Decisioning Workshop at BPM 2019

BPM 2019 includes the 7th International Workshop on DEClarative, DECision and Hybrid approaches to processes (DEC2H 2019) that will take place on 2 September 2019 in Vienna, Austria. The main focus is in the application and challenges of decision- and rule-based modelling in all phases of the BPM lifecycle: identification, discovery, analysis, redesign, implementation and monitoring. Submission deadline: 24 May 2019. Link

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Modeling and Solving Decision Optimization Problems

Dr. Jacob Feldman announced availability of a new open source product “Java Solver” that provides a very simple API for modeling and solving optimization problems in Java. This is probably the simplest API for adding optimization components to business decisioning software with a minimal learning curve. It doesn’t compete with existing Constraint and Linear Solvers but rather helps to incorporate them into Java-based decision making applications. Java Solver is freely available from JavaSolver.com under the terms of LGPL and can be used together with any BR&DM products. See Introductory Example

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What a good modern data analyst has to master

Andriy Burkov, ML at Gartner and author of The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book, shares what a good modern data analyst has to master: Continue reading

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