Learning from Scratch

This article introduces AlphaGo Zero that skips initial training on thousands of human games and learns to play simply by playing games against itself, starting from completely random play. In doing so, it quickly surpassed human level of play and defeated the previously published champion-defeating version of AlphaGo by 100 games to 0. Watch video Continue reading

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Forget Processes, Think Decisions

Peter K.J. Kalmijn from Atos, Netherlands just published an article with this title. “Most organizations still run multiple rigid variations of their core processes. Even ‘dynamic processes’ are predominantly overly complex with multiple paths and complicated routing. This makes them cumbersome to change, rendering the organization about as agile as an oil tanker. The best way to understand any company’s procedures is to view the business as a series of operational decisions. Focusing on decisions and putting them first effectively creates a decision-centric process.” Read more

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Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018

This Gartner’s article describes 10 Technology Trends for 2018:

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Bitcoin just passed $5,000

This morning bitcoin shot past $5,000, and is now hovering around $5,300 — up nearly 10 percent from yesterday. Ironically, this morning on the company’s earnings call, JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon said he’s “not going to talk about bitcoin anymore.” This comes a month after his original comments calling bitcoin “a fraud,” which caused the price to drop 5 percent.” So what’s next for bitcoin? Read more

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On the Road to Self-Sovereign Identity

In the upcoming world of self-sovereign identity every person, organization, or thing will have its own truly-independent digital identity that no other person, company, or government can take away.  Consider this scenario: “Let’s say ‘Sam’ is applying for a car loan with ‘Acme Bank. The Bank needs to know that Sam is trusted and can afford the car. Today, he would fill out a loan application and provide his personal information. In the new world, this is no longer necessary. If Sam’s employer is a provider of verifiable claims in the blockchain identity network, the employer can attest that Sam is employed with them and makes more than $50,000 a year.” Read more here and here

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Seven Reasons to Model Your Business Decisions

Jan Purchase just published an article “Decision Modeling: The Bottom Line“. In particular, he writes: “Decision Models are not just about requirements. The precision of the decision logic view means that decision models can be directly executed. Therefore they can be tested against real business data and even deployed into productions systems without the need for developers to translation them into code. This model-driven approach to decision architecture reduces errors and allows for rapid change in decision-making—it provides safe agility for business decision-making and ensures that your specification of decision-making is always specific and consistent with the implementation.” Then Jan gives 7 specific reasons why to model your business decisions.

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The Seven Deadly Sins of AI Predictions

On Oct. 6 Rodney Brooks published a paper with this title in the MIT Technology Review. He writes: “A lot of AI researchers and pundits imagine that the world is already digital, and that simply introducing new AI systems will immediately trickle down to operational changes in the field, in the supply chain, on the factory floor, in the design of products. Nothing could be further from the truth. Almost all innovations in robotics and AI take far, far, longer to be really widely deployed than people in the field and outside the field imagine.Continue reading

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