Decision Modeling Sessions at RuleML+RR 2017

This year DecisionCAMP is again co-located with the RuleML+RR conference devoted to the semantic-technology & business rules. Here are the finalized schedules for both events:
RuleML+RR 2017 Schedule
DecisionCAMP 2017 Schedule

Below is the list of RuleML+RR sessions related to decision modeling: Continue reading

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DMN Interchange in Action

DMN-ExecuteThe DMN Standard is already supported by different vendors and it means that real (not theoretical) interchangeability of the same DMN-based business decision models became a reality – see examples at this article. If you attend the RuleML+RR+DecisionCAMP conference in London in July, you will see a live demonstration of how DMN XML decision models can be created using Trisotech or Signavio DMN modelers and then executed by Drools or OpenRules rule engines.

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bpmNEXT-2017 videos are now available

bpmNEXT-2017 was held in April and included many interesting presentations. You can watch them all from here.  Don’t miss Decision Management related presentations:  Continue reading

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The First Solution for June-2017 Challenge – More on the Way

DMN-LoanOriginationWe have received the first decision model for the June-2017 Challenge implemented by Mike Parish using Corticon. More decision modeling practitioners informed us that they are working on their best decision models for the same problem (described in the Section 11 of the DMN Spec). Please submit your decision models by July 1 but not later than the start of DecisionCAMP in London on July 12.

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Business Analysis on One Page

Kevin Brennan tried to present on one page “what the core of business analysis is”:

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Automating Logical Reasoning

“For many years, computer scientists have sought to create decision making tools based on the way humans reason.  Early expert systems in the 1980’s and 1990’s were quite limited, but they were central to the first wave of commercial success of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Outgrowths of that technology,  business rules and decision trees, have become well established as distinct market sectors.  Now ubiquitous, they automate millions of mission critical business processes every day.  But automation of more complex human reasoning and knowledge remained illusive, due to technical limitations.” This paper claims game-changing advances that have come in the form of a knowledge representation and reasoning language called Rulelog. Attendees of RuleML+RR and DecisionCAMP  will be able to listen its presentation by Coherent Knowledge in London next month.

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Is Data Science Dead?

This new article insists it is. “Data Science is dead. It is quickly getting replaced by stuff great data scientists built. Every big cloud vendor is doing it. Need to do a churn analysis? Done. Need to predict energy efficiency? Done. Want a recommendation engine? Done. Need to process genders, age and emotion from images? Done. From video? Done. Need to recognize certain logo’s in images? Done. Need to understand sentiment? Done. Need to translate text or summarize text? Done.”  J-F Puget tweeted: “I disagree but this is an interesting read. We still need data scientists to cover the 20% not covered by precanned models.” What are your thoughts?

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