DecisionCAMP Lined Up for Success in London on July 13-14

DecisionCAMP-2017, sponsored by, just announced a great lineup of presenters including leading decision management authorities, book authors, vendors, and practitioners:
Presenters        Program      Schedule

A special pre-conference event “All About DMN” have been added on July 12. Registration fee of £50 includes the Conference dinner on July 13.

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Retrograde Analysis and Decision Modeling

The retrograde analysis was introduced by the famous Prof. Raymond Smullyan using chess as an example when you think backward from the position, rather than forward. Similar analysis can be successfully used for business decision modeling when we know the results of already made decisions but want to understand what business logic led decision makers (or a rule engine) to these decisions. Read more in this post by Jacob Feldman.

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A New Music Album from DMN Guru Alan Fish

AlanFishMusicYou can listen a new music album written by Alan Fish, one of the creators of the DMN standard. You may meet Alan in July at DecisionCAMP-2017 where he will present the latest news in the DMN 1.2 and will discuss the use of Business Knowledge Models (BKMs) in DMN-based decision models.

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DMN 1.1 XML: from Modeling to Automation

Thierry Biard summarized his experience with DMN Interchange Format in this article. He analyzes DMN 1.1 XML implementations provided by Signavio Decision Manager and Drools 7.0 from the MDA (Model Driven Architecture) perspective.

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Andrew Ng is Leaving Baidu

Andrew Ng, a leading figure in the world of artificial intelligence, is leaving his post as chief scientist at China’s Baidu and says he wants to find ways of advancing AI beyond the technology world. Here is his own statement.

Ng is known for playing a leading role in formulating the AI strategy of both Baidu and Google. He says is leaving the Chinese company on good terms and simply wants to find a new challenge. “I’ve decided to step away from this role while everything is going well and look at some other things,” he told MIT Technology Review. Read more

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Neil Raden: I think it’s time to disband IT

Neil Raden posted this comment to the LinkedIn article “Business is from Mars and IT from Venus“: I believe the term “the business” is a trope that was developed by IT specifically to create distance between themselves and the rest of an organization. If you go to anyone in an organization not in IT and ask them what they do, I can guarantee not one will say, “Oh, I’m the business.” Personally, I think it’s time to disband IT and distribute its functions to various departments the same way sales, marketing, R&D, etc are.

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Tim Burners-Lee Concerns about the Web’s Future

It’s been 28 years since Tim Berners-Lee submitted his proposal for the worldwide web. Now he has three major concerns over the state of the web. Read More

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