Rolando Hernandez: Spaghetti Rules vs. Business Rules

How do you explain Decision Management and Business Rules Management to a CEO, why it matters to them, and why they should hire you? In 60 seconds? Here is how I do it. First, I have 30 seconds to explain Business Rules Management. I need a better name for that concept, so I call it Spaghetti Rules vs. Business Rules. I took a page out of the Marketeer’s Handbook and coined a term that is worth a thousand words or an hour in a seminar. Then I drew a picture. This picture says it all. CEO’s “get” rules in 10 seconds. Next, I have 30 seconds to explain Decision Management...” Link

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Finding Optimal Locations of New Store using Decision Optimization

Vincent Beraudier, IBM, in his notebook describes how to model and solve the following business problem: “A fictional Coffee Company plans to open N shops in the near future and needs to determine where they should be located knowing that most of the customers of this coffee brewer enjoy reading and borrowing books, so the goal is to locate those shops in such a way that all the city public libraries are within minimal walking distance.” He used Chicago open data as an example, and applied IBM’s Decision Optimization on Cloud available for trial for free. Link

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Data Decisioning

Data Decisioning was recently founded by Peter Schooff and John Morris, two veterans with decades of success in enterprise technology. Why? “What’s more important than data to today’s enterprise? The decisions a company makes based on that data will determine their success in the marketplace. In fact, improving decisioning is one of the central arguments for implementing a big data or AI solution in the first place. Our goal at Data Decisioning is to help make sense of the massive volumes of data that threaten to overwhelm companies every day.” Their website provides interesting articles for DM practitioners. Link Continue reading

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Google: Your Deep-Learning-Tools-for-Enterprises Startup Will Fail

Today Peter Norvig, the Research Director at Google, posted at LinkedInWhether you like it or not, selling enterprise tools for machine learning is really hard. Why? The industry is still fragmented, too many different components and moving parts without standardization, so you can’t create a one size fits all solution. If your startup is working on deep learning tools to serve a broad enterprise customer base, you are probably going to fail. But hey, don’t take my word for it, hear it from Clemens Mewald, “Your Deep-Learning-Tools-for-Enterprises Startup Will Fail” at

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Adversarial Machine Learning

Machine learning techniques were originally designed for stationary and benign environments in which the training and test data are assumed to be generated from the same statistical distribution. However, when those models are implemented in the real world, the presence of intelligent and adaptive adversaries may violate that statistical assumption to some degree, depending on the adversary. At the same time, adversarial samples can help identify weaknesses in an ML model, which, in turn, can be used to gain valuable insights on how to enhance the model. Links: WikipediaAdversarial Sample GenerationAdversarial Examples Fool both Computer Vision and Time-Limited Humans

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Decision Optimization fueling growth in Energy and Utilities

Decision optimization and machine learning techniques are driving better resource planning and scheduling decisions at Energy & Utilities for a range of use cases like power generation planning, pricing optimization and more. Link

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DecisionCAMP-2019: Sep 17-19, Bolzano, Italy

The next DecisionCAMP-2019 will be held on Sep 17-19, 2019 in Bolzano, Italy.  The event is organized by our Community and will be co-located with RuleML+RR and GCAI at the Bolzano Rules and Artificial Intelligence Summit. DecisionCAMP-2019 will explore the current state of the Decision Management practice, real-world use cases, new applications and trends of digital decisioning. If you are interested in sharing your expertise, join DecisionCAMP-2019 as a speaker! The Call for Presentations is now open, and you may submit an abstract of your presentation before March 31, 2019. If you intent to contribute and/or have any questions, please send email to the DecisionCAMP ChairLink

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