Happy Pi Day!

Pi Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π (pi). Pi Day is observed on March 14 (3/14 in the month/day format) since 3, 1, and 4 are the first three significant digits of π. In 2009, the United States House of Representatives supported the designation of Pi Day. Pi Day has been observed in many ways, including eating piethrowing pies and discussing the significance of the number π. Link

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DecisionCAMP 2020 has been postponed

Unfortunately, the Declarative AI 2020 has been postponed due to corona virus spread. DecisionCAMP-2020 being a part of the Declarative AI has been postponed as well. Stay tuned, and we’ll keep you up-to-date with any relevant news.

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More Efficient NLP Model Pre-training

“Recent advances in language pre-training have led to substantial gains in the field of natural language processing, with state-of-the-art models such as BERTRoBERTaXLNetALBERT, and T5, among many others. These methods, though they differ in design, share the same idea of leveraging a large amount of unlabeled text to build a general model of language understanding before being fine-tuned on specific NLP tasks such as sentiment analysis and question answering.” Link

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Planning Analytics + Decision Optimization

Alain Chabrier from IBM discusses how Planning Analytics and Decision Optimization can complement and benefit from each other and introduces some ways to start integrating them. Link

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BPM+Health Workshop

BPM+ Health Workshop will be held on March 25 – 26, 2020 in Hyatt Regency, Reston, VA, USA. It will concentrate on best practices around modeling and sharing clinical pathways and guidelines applying BPMN, DMN, and CMMN. Among interesting presentations: Continue reading

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The ODM Rules Cookbook by Peter Warde

Peter Warde created ODM Rules Cookbook as a collection of resources (source code, frameworks, blueprints, APIs, kits, building-blocks, documents, working examples) in a GIT repository that can be used in the design and development of IBM Operational Decision Manager business rules. With the ODM Cookbook you will design and build richer, better, more maintainable and higher quality ODM rule applications. Link Continue reading

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Challenge March-2020: Paid Sick Leave Requirements

Employers are required to provide paid sick leave to workers following very complex regulations defined by states, and adjusted by counties, cities, unions, and other entities. Our March-2020 Challenge asks you to define and implement decision services that support a relatively simple version of  California’s paid sick leave regulationsLink

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