Improving code vs improving data quality

Andrew Ng: “Traditional software is powered by code, whereas AI systems are built using both code (models + algorithms) and data. When a system isn’t performing well, many teams instinctually try to improve the code. But for many practical applications, it’s more effective instead to focus on improving the data… It is commonly assumed that 80 percent of machine learning is data cleaning. If 80 percent of our work is data preparation, then why are we not ensuring data quality is of the utmost importance for a machine learning team?” Link

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Donald Knuth: Algorithms, Complexity, and The Art of Computer Programming

Listen this 2019 Lex Fridman podcast with Donald Knuth: acceptance of imperfection, being happy max 80% of the time (point 8 is enough), his first encounter with mortality, having so many real-world achievements and attempts to put numerical values on beauty, realizing how little we know and being in piece with this… Link

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Can Your Machine Learning Do the Lambada?

Ulrich Wiesner from FICO wrote: “Machine learning and data analytics are powerful methods, but typically the benefits do not come without effort, and careful considerations are required to make these tools efficient. When you purchase a tool or service, make sure it covers your core requirements before you start thinking about machine learning. If intelligence is claimed to be inside, make sure you understand how the respective technology helps to solve your business problem. If the mechanisms cannot be explained, or the benefits can’t be monitored and quantified, it is probably just another Lambada.Link

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DecisionCAMP April-7 Session with Trisotech

The Prince is a 16th-century political treatise written by Niccolò Machiavelli as an instruction guide for new princes and royals. But what if Machiavelli had the benefit of modern modeling tools to capture his teachings? Join us on April 7 to learn more. Register

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Vaccination Scheduling Decisions

VaccinationSchedulingGeoffrey De Smet created a vaccination scheduling software. He discovered an interesting Vaccination Appointment Scheduling Paradox: It’s more user friendly if people can NOT choose their own appointment. Watch video

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Global Management Decision Market

Global Management Decision Market Research Report – Forecasts to 2026 by GME. Includes competitor analysis of FICO, Sparkling Logic, SAS, OpenRules, TIBCO, Decision Management Solutions, Oracle, Parmenides, IBM, Sapiens, Equifax, Experian, Pegasystems, and ACTICO among other vendors. You may request a free sample copy of the report Link 

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What will become obsolete first: a language or a deployment type?

In the new article “Java and C# are Obsolete in the Age of Docker” Erik Engheim states: “Languages running on virtual machines were developed to make deployment on any platform easy. But this ability no longer matters when your software runs in a container.” He apologizes saying he does not mean “there is no point in learning Java or C# anymore” but still pushes a language like Go as their natural replacement. This article provoked the following discussion between me (JF) and a colleague of mine (IK) this morning. I decided to share it and get comments from DM Community. Here it is: Continue reading

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Microsoft RPA

Microsoft announced Power Automate Desktop for Windows 10, which provides an attended RPA solution to automate tasks in SharePoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, and third-party business apps. Web and desktop recorders capture steps in an automation, and a visual drag-and-drop designer organizes flows logically, with over 370 prebuilt actions that connect to a number of different applications. Link

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Accelerated Intelligence

If somebody describes the world of the mid-twenty-first century to you and it doesn’t sound like science fiction, it is certainly false. We cannot be sure of the specifics; change itself is the only certainty.”  Yuval Noah Harari
Learn fast, remember what you learn, conquer information overwhelm, and make better decisions! Link

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Why a YouTube Chat About Chess Got Flagged for Hate Speech

This WIRED article talks about shortcomings in AI programs designed to automatically detect hate speech, abuse, and misinformation online. When WIRED fed some of statements gathered by the CMU researchers into two hate-speech classifiers, the statement “White’s attack on black is brutal. White is stomping all over black’s defenses. The black king is gonna fall… ” was judged more than 60 percent likely to be hate speech. “Fundamentally, language is still a very subtle thing,” says Tom Mitchell, a CMU professor. “These kinds of trained classifiers are not soon going to be 100 percent accurate.” Link

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