Neil Raden: “Before the world went analytics crazy…”

Neil Raden: I’m re-posting an article I published six months ago about Process Intelligence a.k.a. Process Mining. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this lately. “Is Process Intelligence (Mining) a distinct discipline from analytics?” Link 

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Challenge Aug-2019: Stateful Decisioning

Nowadays it’s not enough for decision making applications to simply execute a complex rules-based transaction, forget about it, and wait for the next one. They should be able to learn from already executed transactions and evaluate new facts as they become available. As many BR&DM vendors advance their products to support such stateful, perpetually running applications, we bring  back the old Challenge that mainly remains unresolved. So, how would you support the following Dynamic Loan Evaluation scenario today? Link  Video

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Knowledge Specification and Querying

Our colleagues from the Rules and Reasoning community have just reported interesting results. They built a system that achieves 100% accuracy on an extensive test suite of movie-related questions, e.g. “Who appears in a Steven Spielberg directed film?”. Their approach utilizes a Controlled Natural Language (CNL) that could enable domain experts, who are not trained logicians, to both create formal knowledge and query it. They contrasted their approach with a machine learning approach based on neural networks, which falls far short of this high mark. Link

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Sandy Kemsley: Case Management Meets Microservices

Sandy Kemsley is an independent analyst well-known for her thoughtful reports and blogs in the area of intelligent process automation.  A quote from Sandy’s latest blog post: “Moving from a monolithic application to microservices architecture makes good sense for many business systems today; for intelligent case management, where no one supplier can provide a good solution for all of the required capabilities, it’s essential.” Read her report “A Microservices Approach to Intelligent Case Management Applications“. We are looking forward to Sandy’s blogs from the DecisionCAMP-2019 in September.

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Data => Information => Knowledge

Walid Saba posted a very simple example that explains how Data becomes Information and how Information can be transformed to Knowledge. Link

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Low-Code vs. No-Code

John Rymer, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, published a video, in which he stresses the difference between “Low-Code” and “No-Code” application development platforms. While many BR&DM products today may justifiably claim that they offer low-code platforms for business people to create their decision-making applications, you hardly can point to one that is actually “No-Code”, that according to John “does not require any coding in 100% of the time”. Link

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Agile Lipstick…

Do you agree with this LinkedIn article: “Many Organisations are just applying Agile Lipstick i.e. making superficial or cosmetic changes in a futile attempt to disguise the true nature of the challenges their Organisation face“? Link

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