Forrester: “The AI Decisioning Platforms Landscape, Q1 2023”

Forrester published a new report “The AI Decisioning Platforms Landscape, Q1 2023“: “You can use AI decisioning platforms to automate complex, consequential business decisions, make AI decisioning teams more agile, and combine the latest decisioning technologies. But to realize these benefits, you’ll first have to select from a diverse set of vendors that vary by size, type of offering, geography, and use case differentiation. Technology leaders should use this report to understand the value they can expect from an AI decisioning platform vendor, learn how vendors differ, and select one based on size and market focus.” The report includes an overview of 20 Vendors. Link

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Semantics, Ontology and Explanation

While ChatGPT dominates social forums, scientists quietly continue to work on real understanding of our surrounding using 100-years-old concepts of Logic, Semantics, and more recently Ontologies. Computer science people build symbolic models to represent their assumptions about a certain domain using some kind of formal semantics in order to use, and especially in order to share these models. This paper extends traditional conceptual models that need to be explained in terms of their ontological commitments to the world. This process of explanation is a process of revealing the real-world semantics of that model. Link Consider this simple example:

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Present at DecisionCAMP-2023

These days everybody talks about AI. If you are a person who “walks the talk” and want to share your AI experience with practitioners like you, DecisionCAMP is the right place to do it. DecisionCAMP is an annual event devoted to Decision Intelligence technologies that bring AI into the hands of business users. DecisionCAMP presenters explain how to build Intelligent Decision Services and integrate them into modern enterprise architectures. This year DecisionCAMP will be held online on Sep 18-20. To become a presenter, submit an abstract of your presentation by June 1 – see Call for Presentations.

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This week’s hot AI thing is “AutoGPT” which is designed to automate GPT-4 tasks, enabling the creation of agents that complete tasks for you without any intervention. AutoGPT is a way to get a model to chain together multiple GPT queries to work towards an objective. Instead of typing in one prompts at a time, you might be able to assign tasks and goals and have the system work out a sequence of prompts by itself. Link1. “AutoGPTs are improving at a blazingly fast speed and could soon transform the face of business.” Link2

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Challenge May-2023 “Next Best Action”

“Next best action” is a popular decision-making strategy. But how to define the “best” next action? This challenge may demonstrate it. Consider an NxN grid of lightbulbs. We are given an initial state where some of the bulbs are off and some are on. Then, at every step you need to choose a bulb in the off state. It will turned on, and every other bulb in the row and in the column of the bulb will be toggled: If it was on, it turns off, and vice versa. The goal is to reach a grid where all the light bulbs are on. Link

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Defamed by ChatGPT

Benedict Evans wrote: “If you ask ChatGPT factual questions, you can’t trust what you get. In this case, it invented an entirely non-existent sexual assault allegation against a law professor, complete with (non-existent) Washington Post story. Also of note – the professor, since he’s apparently a somewhat controversial figure, assumes that this must be something to do with his politics. Since all LLMs do this all the time about anyone and anything, there’s no reason to think he’s right, but this is a good illustration of just how hard it is for normal people outside tech (or even inside) to grasp what these systems are doing. They are not answering questions – they’re making something that looks like an answer to questions that look like your question. But, can you stop them from libelling people?” Link

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DecisionCAMP Monthly Session on Apr 19, 2023

DecisionCAMP Monthly Session “RuleOps: Rule Engines and Kubernetes DevOps” presented by Luca Molteni from Red Hat will be held on Apr 19 at 12:00 pm EST (New York Time). Register for free here. Slides

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Human-Governed AI: The AI Decisioning Platform Landscape

Forrester’s Mike Gualtieri will present “The AI Decisioning Platform Landscape” at the Webinar on April 28. “Enterprises use AI decisioning platforms to create human-governed, AI-powered, automated decision engines for a wide variety of use cases and across numerous industries. The platform capabilities include collaborative authoring tools to enable business and technical team members to develop decision logic, deployment engines to execute decisions in real-time and at scale, and business decision monitoring tools to measure and improve the efficacy of deployed decisions.” It will provide an overview of 20 vendors. Link

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Is term “BPM” outdated?

Sandy Kemsley: BPM “vendors have distanced themselves from the BPM (business process management) moniker, in part because what the platforms do is more than just process management, and in part because BPM is starting to be considered an outdated term. We’ve seen the analysts struggle with naming the space, or even defining it in the same way, with terms like “digital process automation”, “hyperautomation” and “digitalization” being bandied about.”

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Building Business Capability on May 8-12, 2023

Building Business Capability comes to Las Vegas, at the brand new Caesar’s Forum, on May 8–12, 2023. The conference enhances your ability to advance People, Product, Data, and
Knowledge, to build your core leadership skills, to create a customer centric organization, and to deliver digital transformation.

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