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Challenge Mar-2016 “Port Clearance Rules”

The March-2016 Challenge deals with a decision model that is capable to decide if a ship can enter a Dutch port on a certain date. The rules for this challenge are inspired by the international Ship and Port Facility Security Code.

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Silicon Valley’s Hangover

Venture capital deal terms in last year’s fourth quarter signal further cooling in investors’ appetite for pouring money into startups, which sparked a multi-year economic boom throughout the Bay Area. Companies raising additional rounds of capital at lower valuations (“downrounds”) … Continue reading

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And the Oscar Goes To…

Prof. Jan Vanthienen took time to carefully analyze all 19 solutions submitted for our Jan-2016 Challenge. The results of his analysis are now available in this report. Here is a summary: We want to thank Prof. Vanthienen for his thorough analysis. To … Continue reading

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How to Scale Business Rules

Why are large business rule sets—those that start large and especially those that become large over time—hard to manage? Why do they often collapse under their own weight, becoming a nightmare of unreliability and an incomprehensible tangle of poorly understood … Continue reading

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Trisotech is our new sponsor

DMCommunity welcomes a new premium sponsor Trisotech that recently added a DMN Modeler to its product offerings. See all current sponsors and sponsorship benefits here.

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Be Aware of Bad Analytics

This FICO post warns: “The word ‘analytics’ now means anything from advanced optimization to recording the number of cars in the car park. And because it is now so general, it has been divorced from the underlying technical considerations that were … Continue reading

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Two DM Articles

Martijn Zoet, Professor at Zuyd Úniversity of Applied Sciences, published two articles: Seven Business Models for Decision Management Decision Management: The Dowsing Rod of Change

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Big Data to Become a Consumer Tool

Today big data is enterprise technology used to analyze markets, risk, fraud, consumers, energy sources, and more. But soon, it will be a consumer tool helping regular people to make better, wiser everyday decisions. For example, Google Now already is able to … Continue reading

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The Millennial Customer

Millennial customers (born 1980-2000) are bringing an entirely new set of expectations to the market. They think differently about customer service and about how they want to be treated in business interactions. This is a generation of consumers defined by … Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence vs. Artificial Stupidity

“People who worry that we’re on course to invent dangerously intelligent machines are misunderstanding the state of computer science”, – says this MIT Technology Review. Read how Yoshua Bengio, a professor of computer science at the University of Montreal, puts things in … Continue reading

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