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Big Data to Become a Consumer Tool

Today big data is enterprise technology used to analyze markets, risk, fraud, consumers, energy sources, and more. But soon, it will be a consumer tool helping regular people to make better, wiser everyday decisions. For example, Google Now already is able to … Continue reading

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The Millennial Customer

Millennial customers (born 1980-2000) are bringing an entirely new set of expectations to the market. They think differently about customer service and about how they want to be treated in business interactions. This is a generation of consumers defined by … Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence vs. Artificial Stupidity

“People who worry that we’re on course to invent dangerously intelligent machines are misunderstanding the state of computer science”, – says this MIT Technology Review. Read how Yoshua Bengio, a professor of computer science at the University of Montreal, puts things in … Continue reading

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New Book “DMN Method and Style”

Bruce Silver just published a new book “DMN Method and Style: The Practitioner’s Guide to Decision Modeling with Business Rules” available from Amazon.  This is the very first book that not only describes the latest version 1.1 of the DMN standard (not … Continue reading

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