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Five Categories of AI APIs Available Today

Building AI applications is hard work, but cloud vendors are making it easy by exposing simple-to-call, pay-as-you-use APIs. This Forrester’s article lists 5 categories of AI APIs available today:

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Challenge Nov-2017 “Soldier Payment Rules”

Our Challenge Nov-2017 asks you to help to assemble a payment timeline for a soldier that shows his/her hourly pay rate in any given time period. The payment rates depend on soldier’s rank, profession, service type, unit, and participation in combat. Use any BRMS … Continue reading

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DM Vendors: update your product profiles

The fall is time for major annual conferences (like BBC-2017) and for potential customers making product purchasing decisions. We want to remind vendors of all decision management tools to update their profiles in the Live Product Catalogs: Business Rules and … Continue reading

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The bidding war for AI talent

“Well-known names in the A.I. field have received compensation in salary and shares in a company’s stock that total single- or double-digit millions over a four- or five-year period. And at some point they renew or negotiate a new contract, … Continue reading

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Classification Schemes for BRMSs

“Business Rules Management Systems (BRMSs), business rules engines, knowledge management systems, expert systems, predictive analytics systems, and decision management systems are only a few of the terms which are currently used to refer to software packages used to specify, execute … Continue reading

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Learning from Scratch

This article introduces AlphaGo Zero that skips initial training on thousands of human games and learns to play simply by playing games against itself, starting from completely random play. In doing so, it quickly surpassed human level of play and defeated … Continue reading

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Forget Processes, Think Decisions

Peter K.J. Kalmijn from Atos, Netherlands just published an article with this title. “Most organizations still run multiple rigid variations of their core processes. Even ‘dynamic processes’ are predominantly overly complex with multiple paths and complicated routing. This makes them … Continue reading

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Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018

This Gartner’s article describes 10 Technology Trends for 2018:

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Bitcoin just passed $5,000

“This morning bitcoin shot past $5,000, and is now hovering around $5,300 — up nearly 10 percent from yesterday. Ironically, this morning on the company’s earnings call, JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon said he’s “not going to talk about bitcoin … Continue reading

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On the Road to Self-Sovereign Identity

In the upcoming world of self-sovereign identity every person, organization, or thing will have its own truly-independent digital identity that no other person, company, or government can take away.  Consider this scenario: “Let’s say ‘Sam’ is applying for a car loan … Continue reading

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