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Seven Reasons to Model Your Business Decisions

Jan Purchase just published an article “Decision Modeling: The Bottom Line“. In particular, he writes: “Decision Models are not just about requirements. The precision of the decision logic view means that decision models can be directly executed. Therefore they can be tested … Continue reading

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The Seven Deadly Sins of AI Predictions

On Oct. 6 Rodney Brooks published a paper with this title in the MIT Technology Review. He writes: “A lot of AI researchers and pundits imagine that the world is already digital, and that simply introducing new AI systems will immediately trickle … Continue reading

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Five Guiding Principles for a Digital Transformation

Despite more than 20 years of business digitization history, only 28% of established companies have successfully digitized. Jeanne Ross from MIT Sloan suggested five guiding principles to get started on a real digital transformation: Don’t hand off responsibility for your digital transformation to … Continue reading

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Five V’s of Decision Management

A new article by Koen Smit discusses 5 characteristics of operational decision management: Volume corresponds to the number of times a decision is made within a certain time period Velocity represents how fast a decision must be taken Variety corresponds to the … Continue reading

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