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What Constitutes a Good Decision Table? Challenge Jan-2016

What constitutes a good decision table? There are many recommendations provided by well-known experts such as  Prof. Jan Vanthienen.  But it’s always a good idea to see at least one specific example and to analyze its different representations. So, we published a … Continue reading

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DMN 1.1 Approved!

DMN 1.1 has been approved by the OMG Architecture Board. At this time the final specification is available only to OMG members but it will be released to the public soon. You may preview some changes in this Top 10 List of features … Continue reading

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How far have we really come in Artificial Intelligence?

To explain the failure of Artificial Intelligence to live up to its potential, Dr. Gary Marcus from NYU suggested three things: fallen in love with statistics falling in love with Big Data forgotten its roots. Read more in this article.

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Is technology making us stupid?

Do you think technology is making us stupid? Are our mental abilities degenerating because we no longer have any need to memorize things, or to do arithmetic, or remember how to spell? Or are our mental abilities simply expanding in … Continue reading

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5 Predictions for 2016: The Year of Prescriptive Analytics

Scott Zoldi, chief analytics officer at FICO, published his 2016 predictions. Some of them are quite controversial. At the end he writes: “What do you think? Do my predictions make sense? Do you disagree? I’d love to hear your thoughts on … Continue reading

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Sapiens DECISION is our new Sponsor

DMCommunity welcomes a new premium sponsor Sapiens DECISION, a popular decision management product that allows business users to discover, model, verify, manage and execute business logic and decisions. See all current sponsors and sponsorship benefits here.

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New Open-Source Machine Learning Frameworks from Industry Giants

Within one month we saw one IT giant after another coming up with “open-source” frameworks for ML / Advanced Analytics. This can’t be a coincidence! 

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We Added Website Registration

As‘s popularity grows every day, our readers want to be notified about latest posts, challenges, and other website news. You can receive such notifications by simply providing your name and email address. It is free, safe, and can be done from the menu-item “Register“.

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Signavio is our New Sponsor

DMCommunity welcomes a new premium sponsor Signavio, who provides a web-based integrated solution combining Business Process Analysis and Decision Management tools. Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager empower organizations to take decision management to the next level by creating transparent decision … Continue reading

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Analytics Reading

You may find several interesting analytics links just published by Nathan Brixius and Jean-Francois Puget.

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