RFP Process is Waste of Time

Silvie Spreeuwenberg wrote: “As someone who has experience drafting RFP questions, being on an assessment team, and responding to RFPs, I can honestly say that this process is often a waste of time and can lead to disappointing results for both client and supplier. So, here I will summarise my experiences and highlight four points to consider when drawing up RFP processes within the software industryLink

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1 Response to RFP Process is Waste of Time

  1. jacobfeldman says:

    I need to agree. By winning several RFPs in the past, we see that RFP becomes a sign that a customer is not actually looking for the best response. As an example, here is my response to one of the latest RFPs from a large government agency:

    After analyzing the RFP requirements deeper, I came to two conclusions:
    1) From a technical perspective, OpenRules Decision Manager is probably the best option for this development
    2) From a business perspective, OpenRules, Inc., being a small business, has a very limited chance to be selected.
    If they ask vendors to submit a working POC we’d have the best chance to win the competition. But with them putting so much effort into this RFP instead of the real development, it prompts me that it is not worth it for us to pursue this opportunity. Especially these days when we have overwhelming requests from different organizations worldwide.

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