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Decision Management and Semantic Reasoning

“This September DecisionCAMP and RuleML+RR will be co-located again for the third time during the Logic for AI 2018 summit in Luxembourg. These two events represent two different but closely related fields of the knowledge representation movement: Business Rules & Decisions … Continue reading

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Assessing Cardiovascular Risk Factors with Computer Vision

Google Brain Team: “Recently, we’ve seen many examples of how deep learning techniques can help to increase the accuracy of diagnoses for medical imaging, especially for diabetic eye disease. In “Prediction of Cardiovascular (CV) Risk Factors from Retinal Fundus Photographs via Deep … Continue reading

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The Usefulness of Imperfection

Today Tallys Yunes shared his thoughts about Theory versus Practice in creating real-world decision models. A few quotes: “models aren’t perfect, and that’s perfectly OK. There’s a reason why business analytics is known as “the science of better” rather than “the … Continue reading

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Decision Management Most Influential People

This year will try to determine the most influential people in Decision Management technology in 2018. How will we decide whom to include in the DM Most Influential List? Go to this page and nominate your candidates  to the DM Most … Continue reading

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bpmNEXT Conference: Santa Barbara, Apr 17-19

bpmNEXT-2018 is not a typical conference pitching case studies to newbies. bpmNEXT is for those already neck-deep in this technology revolution and keen to know what’s coming next. Not just hear about it, but see it, touch it, and influence it. This year … Continue reading

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INFORMS Business Analytics Conference, Baltimore Apr 15-17

INFORMS Analytics Conference 2018 will be held on April 15-17 in Baltimore, MD.  It brings together 1,000 leading analytics professionals and industry experts who will hear over 150 talks and perspectives on topics such as Real Time Decision Systems, Managing … Continue reading

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Paul Allen Wants to Teach Machines Common Sense

Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen wrote: “These days, I’m disinclined to invest in completely open-ended research. I’ve learned that creativity needs tangible goals and hard choices to have a chance to flourish.” However, last month he announced pumping an additional $125 million … Continue reading

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