Solutions for Oct-2016 Challenge “Rebooking Passengers”

solutionSo far we received two solutions for Challenge Oct-2016 “Rebooking passengers from cancelled flights”. Any other solution? It’s never too late to provide more solutions for any of our challenges

The first solution came from Progress Corticon with this comment from Michael Parish: “Even quite complex problems involving multiple associated objects can be solved easily using decision tables in Corticon. This is because it is able to handle collections of objects (represented by 1:N or N:N associations) using its scope (to declare different collection aliases) and filter section (to define the membership of those collections).

The second solution came from Bruce Silver with this comment: “My solution to the challenge uses DMN 1.1. I suspect this may be the first publication demonstrating a complete DMN tool, including DRDs, full use of boxed expressions, and FEEL. The diagrams and tables were created using the Trisotech DMN Modeler, and the DMN execution is from Method and Style.

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