Deep Learning State of the Art (2020)

Lex Fridman gave a lecture on recent developments in deep learning and AI, and hopes for 2020 as a part of the MIT Deep Learning Lecture Series. Watch

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Challenge Jan-2020 “NIM Rules”  

Nim Game has been played since ancient times. “There is 15, 16 or 17 balls in the row. Two players take turns removing balls from the row, but only 1, 2 or 3 balls at a time. The player who removes the last ball loses.”
You may play this game with kids using pencils or matches. Our Jan-2020 Challenge asks you to define the rules that provide a winning strategy using any BR/DM tool. Link

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Helping the Mortgage Industry Go Digital

At DecisionCAMP-2019 Brian Stucky presented “Beyond Decision Models – Using Technical and Business Standards to Transform Financial Services” describing the use of DMN by MISMO – the mortgage industry’s standards organization. The new article by Bruce Silver provides a very specific example of how with DMN you can model and execute loan origination logic when a lender wants to determine the maximum loan amount available to a prospective borrower consistent with the lender’s ability to sell the loan to Fannie Mae.  Link

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“Do you love me?”​ How can a computer deal with real sentences?

Prof. Roger Shank just published an article with this title. He writes: “My career was in Natural Language Processing which is only one part of AI. I spent my life trying to figure out ways that computers could understand sentences and interact with people in English. Asking people what words meant didn’t help us. People can come up with answers easily enough but they are just words.Link Continue reading

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Declarative AI 2020

The International Conference Declarative AI 2020 brings together RuleML+RR, DecisionCAMP, and Reasoning Web Summer School. It will take place in Oslo, Norway, on 23 June – 1 July, 2020. The event aims at presenting the latest advancements in AI and Rules, Reasoning, Decisions, and Explanations and their adoption in IT systems towards improving key fields such as environment, health and societies.

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Evaluating Machine Learning Models

KDnuggets’s post “Idiot’s Guide to Precision, Recall, and Confusion Matrix” provides an intuitive explanation of how to evaluate Classification models. “Building Machine Learning models is fun, but making sure we build the best ones is what makes a difference. Follow this quick guide to appreciate how to effectively evaluate a classification model, especially for projects where accuracy alone is not enough.” Link

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Andrew Ng reports from CES-2020

Andrew NG wrote “AI Steals CES” in his weekly Batch: “AI ruled the convention floor at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. As usual, many products on display were half-baked concepts or solutions looking for problems. Among the highlights, some were already here, some almost ready, and others still in the lab.” He splits major displayed products in 3 categories: Here, Near, On the Horizon. Link

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