Applying DMN to Model and Execute Legislations

Date: Wed, February 23, 2022 at 12:00pm EST
Title: “Applying DMN to Model and Execute Legislations
Presenter: Vincent van Dijk from Pharosius.nlRecording
AbstractIn this session Vincent van Dijk will share his experience applying DMN for building the Digital System for Environment and Planning Act in the Netherlands described here. Please register for free. Issues to be discussed:

  • how can we minimize translations and directly execute DMN?
  • how do we combine models from different sources to deliver a single conclusion?
  • how do we implement dynamic questioning and how does this help the end users?
  • how do we deal with the declarative character of DMN in the dialogue with the end user?
  • is DMN suitable to model legislation and can models be easily read by legal experts?
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