Who will win? Spring Boot or Quarkus

DZone published the article “Microservices: Quarkus vs. Spring Boot“: “Nowadays, with the Microservice Architecture, perhaps it does not make sense anymore, nor any advantage, build something multi-platform (interpreted) for something that will always run on the same place and platform (the Docker Container — Linux environment). Portability is now less relevant (maybe more than ever), those extra level of abstraction is not important. Having said that, let’s perform a simple and raw comparison between two alternatives to generate Microservices in Java: the very well-known Spring Boot and the not so very well-know (yet) Quarkus.Link


It seems that Quarkus won these two rounds fight (Startup Time and Memory Footprint), overcoming his opponent SpringBoot with some clear advantage.


This could make us wondering… perhaps it’s time to think about some real Labs, experiences, and some try on with Quarkus. We should see how it performs in real life, how it fits in our business scenario, and in what would be most useful for.

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