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Moving Drools toward a polyglot world

Mario Fusco, the project lead of highly popular Red Hat open source BRMS Drools, describes “how they are changing Drools to make it part of the cloud and serverless revolution”. “Our main goal was to make the core of the … Continue reading

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“Rules and Reasoning” Event at W3C Graph Data Workshop

This event was held on March 4-6, 2019 in Berlin, Germany.  The following kinds of rules were discussed: Rules for graph knowledge inference Rules for graph data transformation/mapping Rules for graph data validation Rules for RDF shapes Rules for (controlled) natural … Continue reading

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What Makes a Decision Hero?

“Gone are the days when we could assume that application, bureau and master file data would be enough to automate client decisions! We now see a rich array of data sources used in automated decisioning—whether it be click-through data, or … Continue reading

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eBay’s Platform is Powered by AI

“Artificial intelligence touches every experience within eBay. It is woven into all aspects of the eBay marketplace, anticipating the needs and wants of buyers and sellers, inspiring shoppers on the hunt for something special, empowering entrepreneurs looking to grow their … Continue reading

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What is a ‘Decision’?

Ron Ross, Jacob and I have recently been discussing the March DMC Challenge. In his submission Ron suggests the challenge is a ‘rules problem’ not a ‘decision problem’ and quite reasonably asked me for my definition of a ‘decision’ when … Continue reading

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Giving Algorithms a Sense of Uncertainty

MIT Technology Review published this article Giving algorithms a sense of uncertainty could make them more ethical: “Algorithms are built to pursue a single mathematical goal, such as maximizing the number of soldiers’ lives saved or minimizing the number of … Continue reading

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Adding Tables to Excel from Photos

Excel’s power comes from its simplicity. At its core, Excel is three things: 1) cells of data laid out in rows and columns; 2) the greatest graphical table editor; 3) a set of powerful tools for working with the tabular data … Continue reading

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SBVR Specification for the Organ Donation Challenge

Ron Ross submitted Rule Specification for the Organ Donation Challenge that is based on SBVR/RuleSpeak. “The first and foremost concern is the exact business semantics of the problem. The rule specifications presented below address that fundamentally important objective. The RuleSpeak/SBVR … Continue reading

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40% of European AI start-ups have almost nothing to do with AI

A new report from London-based venture capital firm MMC Ventures found no evidence that artificial intelligence was an important part of the products offered by 40 percent of Europe’s 2,830 AI start-ups. The findings raise questions about how the term … Continue reading

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bpmNEXT-2019 in April 15-17

The 7th bpmNEXT will be held in Santa Barbara, California on April 15-17, 2019. It will cover Process Mining and Advanced Analytics, AI and Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Decision Management, Digital Transformation, and new cloud software architecture built on containers … Continue reading

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