SBVR Specification for the Organ Donation Challenge

Ron Ross submitted Rule Specification for the Organ Donation Challenge that is based on SBVR/RuleSpeak. “The first and foremost concern is the exact business semantics of the problem. The rule specifications presented below address that fundamentally important objective. The RuleSpeak/SBVR philosophy is that there is no point in developing a system solution if the business problem has not been precisely communicated. SBVR philosophy is that if business semantics are fully captured, a system solution could be generated automatically.Link

However, Ron noticed: “I know of no platform today that can generate a system solution directly and automatically from these rule specifications.” Does any BR&DM vendor work in this direction? Is it even possible? Ron’s approach goes far beyond DMN and challenges all of us. Could Paul Haley with his latest results ponder Ron’s challenge? We still expect to see “a system solution” that implements these rules at least manually. Read about the relationship of DMN to SBVR here.

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