Decisioning Challenges of Driverless Cars

It is a lot harder to make an autonomous car than to sell the idea to AI-obsessed audiences. Christian Wolmar, the British author and broadcaster, said in this interview: “This is a fantasy that has not been thought through, and is being promoted by technology and auto manufacturers because tech companies have vast amounts of footloose capital they don’t know what to do with, and auto manufacturers are terrified they’re not on board with the new big thing,” he said. “So billions are being spent developing technology that nobody has asked for, that will not be practical, and that will have many damaging effects.” Whatever our expectations/ believes are, we cannot ignore the discussed challenges. From the DM perspective, there is a “decision processing system” within the driver’s brain and/or within the car’s “brain” and our decisioning techniques should be ready to handle the problems discussed in this interview and its 235 comments. Link

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  1. See also Tom Davenport’s article “Autonomous Vehicles Are Likely to Be a Slowly-Arriving Commodity” at Forbes

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