An initial version of the DMN Tools Catalog

Jacob Feldman from OpenRules kindly enhanced the software that supports out Live Catalogs of Decision Management Tools – read his post.  Check out all updated catalogs.

Using this tool we replaced the old catalog “Decision Modeling Tools” with a new Live Catalog “DMN Supporting Tools”. This is only an initial version of the future DMN catalog. So far, we included only those products, which to the best of our knowledge already announced their support for the DMN standard. If you represent a vendor who supports or plans to support the DMN standard, please contact us at to add your product and/or to receive your access attributes. The current product profiles are only in the initial state and were partially copied from the old DM catalog. Please try to enter/analyze your and other product profiles and send us your comments and suggestions regarding the included features.

Now the product profiles include “DMN Conformance Level” that will initially be entered by the product authors. We expect that later on the DMN Task Force will analyze all compliant products and will provide their own conformance levels that we will publish right in the Product List on the catalog’s front page.

We all at expect that soon decision management practitioners will be able to use the first Live DMN Catalog created and maintained by the product authors.

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