John Hall explains OMG DMN Development Process

John Hall: The DMN 1.0 Finalization Task Force report was accepted by the OMG Board of Directors on March 24. This means that the DMN 1.0 specification is adopted by OMG and has gone into OMG’s publication cycle. There is no need for Beta 3.

Nine other OMG specification finalizations/revisions were adopted at the same BoD meeting. It will take some weeks to get them all published.

After finalization of a new specification, further development is by Revision – updates will be DMN 1.1, DMN 1.2, etc. Revisions are restricted to the scope of the adopted specification. They deal with errors, omissions, clarifications, and problems that would hinder implementation. This is where feedback from real user experience is essential. A Revision cycle is typically a year or less.

If a different scope or a change of substance of the current specification is desired, OMG rules require a Request for Proposal for a new Version. A new Version of a specification typically takes 2 – 3 years. Revisions of the current Version of the specification may continue in parallel with development of the new Version.

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