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Bruce Silver: Will DMN achieve BPMN adoption?

Bruce Silver, a BPMN guru and a member of the OMG DMN task force, just published his view of the current state and future of the DMN standard. “Whether DMN can achieve adoption similar to BPMN remains an open question. Of course, … Continue reading

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Solutions for Oct-2016 Challenge “Rebooking Passengers”

So far we received two solutions for Challenge Oct-2016 “Rebooking passengers from cancelled flights”. Any other solution? It’s never too late to provide more solutions for any of our challenges. 

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Why-Analyzer for Decision Modeling

OpenRules announced availability of a new tool “Why-Analyzer for Decision Modeling“ that will be introduced at BBC-2016 on Nov 3 in Las Vegas.  In 2013 Ron Ross wrote: “Imagine you had a Why Button handy whenever you encountered some disconnect in day-to-day … Continue reading

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BPMN, CMMN and DMN are truly the triple crown of process improvement standards, supporting process management, case management and decision management initiatives. Together they enable end to end modeling of your operations. The following  Trisotech‘s infographic explains how these 3 standards interact:     … Continue reading

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Notes about DecisionCAMP-2016

DecisionCAMP/RuleML 2016 is now a history, and I’d say a very good history with a lot of very interesting mini-events. I will try to briefly describe some of them in these notes. This year the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard was … Continue reading

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DMN 1.1 is Available for Downloads

On June 1, 2016 OMG made the new Version 1.1 of its DMN (Decision Model and Notation) standard officially available for downloads. Here are the proper links: Specification: DMN XML example:

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DMN Interchange Software

As a community, we would like to maintain different software pieces that can be shared and reused by vendors and practitioners to promote Decision Management in general and the DMN standard in particular. So, we added a special section “Community Software” to … Continue reading

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DMN 1.2 RTF Meeting at DecisionCAMP

The Revision Task Force (RTF) for DMN 1.2 will be meeting in at Stony Brook University, New York, USA, on Wednesday 6th July, the day before DecisionCamp 2016.  The meeting is open only to members of the RTF, but others … Continue reading

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The Triple Crown Of Process Improvement Standards

Denis Gagné from Trisotech will present “BPMN™, CMMN™, DMN™: An Intro To The Triple Crown Of Process Improvement Standards” at the free webinar on May 12, 2016

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“This is the year for DMN”

A slide with this statement was shown on the last day of just concluded bpmNEXT-2016 at Santa Barbara. Decision Modeling and Decision Management played a significant role at this prestigious conference and experts predict that in the nearest future the technologies behind such standards as BPMN, … Continue reading

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