DecisionCAMP Monthly Session on Apr 19, 2023

DecisionCAMP Monthly Session “RuleOps: Rule Engines and Kubernetes DevOps” presented by Luca Molteni from Red Hat will be held on Apr 19 at 12:00 pm EST (New York Time). Register for free here. Slides

Abstract: Rule Engines are very powerful tools to encode custom declarative logic, in this talk we’re going to see what benefits we can get from applying Drools to the Kubernetes Control Plane. From symbolic AI, inference, to CEP, we think this might a good fit to solve common Kubernetes administration problems. We created then “RuleOps”, an exploration space to provide a toolkit for the cloud engineers and DevOps.

Bio: Luca Molteni is a Principal Software Engineer working for Red Hat on Business Automation and Cloud Services. In Red Hat, he contributed to the evolution the open source Rule Engine called Drools to prepare it for the cloud era, and he’s currently working on new cloud services. He’s an open source advocate. He believes that open source drives innovation, promote community development, and empowers individuals.

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