DMN in Python

We received this email from Russell McDonell: “As a Python developer, I was interested in using DMN within my Python applications. Specifically I wanted to use DMN in clinical decisions using FHIR and cds-hooks. So I developed pyDMNrules (gitHub repository) which is based upon a Python implementation of FEEL – pySFeel (gitHub repository). Its rule input is an Excel workbook where the rules tables have to ‘look’ like the examples in the DMN specification (double line borders).”

I built on that, creating DecisionCentral – source code for a website with no content, but you can upload Excel workbooks and it creates APIs for each workbook. There’s everything needed to run this in a Docker container. There’s also a version (DecisionCentralAzure) which stands this up as an App Service on Microsoft Azure.

I believe pyDMNrules complies with DMN 1.3 and asked the OMG “How can I test this?” and they suggested I contact the Decision Management community. They pointed me at one group, but all their tests are Maven and Java and I suspect I would have to develop uploading an XML definition for the rules. Seems a lot of effort for no immediate benefit.

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