July-2020 Challenge “Spatial Business Rules”

Our July Challenge asks you to implement spatial rules oriented to business users not familiar with GIS APIs. Examples of the rules include:
1) If at least one hospital is within 5 km from the Airport increase Spatial Significance Score by 5
2) If Hospital Referral Region has fewer than 5 Hospital Service Areas in it decrease Spatial Significance Score by 1
3) If there are between 5 and 15 Hospitals within 25 km of the Airport increase Spatial Significance Score by 3
How will use represent these business rules using DMN-like decision tables? Link

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1 Response to July-2020 Challenge “Spatial Business Rules”

  1. In response to this challenge, we received the following letter:
    Dear DM-community,

    I was very pleased to learn of your July challenge, concerning spatial business rules. This is one of the main challenges of a very big programme in The Netherlands. In 2021 a new environmental planning law, the ‘Omgevingswet’, is planned to go into effect in The Netherlands. A new smart solution – the ‘Digitaal Stelsel Omgevingswet (DSO)’ – is set up to support citizens, companies and government. DSO combines legal rules, business rules and geometry in a system of software components and services. These concepts are used to provide end users – citizens and companies – answers to the question if they need permission from the government for their activities with impact on the environment (like building, demolishing, draining waste water).

    Recently we have published a paper on behalf of DSO on the smart combination of legal rules and geo-Information to support spatial development projects in the context of the working week of the FIG (the international federation of surveyors). With regards to your challenge this paper might be very interesting for you and your community. Moreover, the whole decision management solution and the extensive use of DMN might be very interesting for you to learn more about.

    I have attached an abstract of this paper to this mail. The full paper can be found here: https://rb.gy/5jjrqt. Please feel free to contact me, if you are interested. I have been working on decision management solutions for a long time, but the DSO is one of the most interesting solutions I have worked on.

    With kind regards,

    Vincent van Dijk
    Product Owner – Toepasbare regels Uitvoeren
    Digitaal Stelsel Omgevingswet

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