DMN TCK is moving to DMN 1.2

The DMN TCK is looking for as many DMN vendors as possible to submit their execution results. If you have not done so yet, we invite you to come and participate into what is a true measure of DMN execution compliance, and the best way to promote the adoption of this very important open standard.

A new DMN tests result site will be generated next week, on Feb 1. Only results from actually running the new 1.2 tests will be included. The previous results on the DMN 1.1 tests will be preserved on a separate results site, but 1.1 results will not be included in the new results site. Vendors who have participated at 1.1 level, but have not reported results for 1.2, will continue to be included but will be listed as having all results missing. Missing does not mean success and it does not mean failure, it simply means that the result is not reported.

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