Get Real!

Alan Trefler, the founder and CEO of Pegasystems, just published a very articulated article “Get Real!“. Here are a few quotes: “In today’s world of promises and hype, it’s tempting to jump on that bandwagon. But I believe strongly the software industry needs to be clear about what’s puffery vs. what’s real and doable.”

These days, it seems all you need to do is utter a word like “blockchain” or “AI” and the stock market and industry go bananas. To be clear, I believe blockchain and AI are important technologies with real use cases. But as an industry, those of us developing and promoting these technologies need to be clear about what they can and can’t do, while responsibly painting the picture of what’s possible.

And that can only be done by creating real results for our clients. If we’re not measurably improving customer engagement and operational excellence, then our mission is no more than words on a (web)page.” Read more

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