What’s New in DMN 1.2

On June 1 Denis Gagné shared a presentation that summaries  the recent work done by the DMN Revision Task Force and what is new in DMN 1.2. Link

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2 Responses to What’s New in DMN 1.2

  1. Hello, these are some promising changes. Thank you for summarizing Denis. Is there a way to read the current draft of the specification as a non-OMG member? Especially the Ellipsis Markers and the For-Loop are interesting for me.

  2. The beta version of the DMN 1.2 spec will be available soon after revision and approval from the OMG Architecture Board(AB). The OMG AB review of DMN 1.2 is scheduled for Jun 21, 2018.

    Ellipsis are markers that indicate that not all the Requirements (Edges) of the Decision are displayed on that particular DRD.

    For examples of the new For Loop use see the poster here: http://www.trisotech.com/infographics/feel-poster

    You can try the features here: http://www.trisotech.com/trials

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