Gary Kasparov: we’re not being replaced by AI, we’re being promoted

On May 7 the Wall Street Journal published a new article by Gary Kasparov. “We’re not being replaced by AI. We’re being promoted. My chess loss in 1997 to IBM supercomputer Deep Blue was a victory for its human creators and mankind, not triumph of machine over man. In the same way, machine-generated insight adds to ours, extending our intelligence the way a telescope extends our vision.

“We should instead think of AI as ‘augmented intelligence.’ Our increasingly intelligent machines are making us smarter, just as our past technology—from pulleys to hydraulics, and sailing ships to rocket ships—made us stronger and faster. For the first time, machines aren’t just giving us answers more quickly and accurately. They are generating new knowledge that helps us better understand the world. Imagine a chess program with the potential to trounce human opponents and explain its moves to us, revealing the patterns that turn knowledge into practical wisdom.”

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