No-code software democratises application development

nocodelogiconlyAlan Trefler presented “The next AI frontier – software that writes software” at the World Economic Forum. In particular, he wrote: “The foundational knowledge to create self-writing, self-evolving software exists today… For businesses, this means that workers in different roles can collaborate to construct app functionalities in real time. Even complex analytical constructs can be visually modeled, simplifying the incorporation of semi-structured and unstructured data. Projects that once took dozens of programmers, months of time, and tens of thousands (if not millions) of dollars may now only take days, weeks, or months with internal staff.

“When building software requires code, only people who understand code can build software. Since those who understand code are a very small percentage of the population, the software they design runs the risk of being inherently exclusionary and biased.”

“Low-code development platforms require minimal coding to create or extend an application. But they still require a knowledge of code. To really empower a workforce open to the prospect of smart technology partnerships, we should be moving towards no-code.”

“No-code platforms open up app development to the widest range of users. Visual tools give the average, non-coding person the power to create, and AI automation helps keep the underlying operational language up to date.”


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