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Dr. Bob Moore submitted his Drools-based solution for our Jan-2018 Challenge. This is a third solution, and we still are looking for a pure DMN FEEL solution. Bob also wrote: “One of the fun aspects of the DMC challenges is seeing how many different takes people can have on the same ‘problem’. And usually the shorter and less specific a challenge statement is, the more it allows free-rein to one’s imagination.” 

This is definitely the most interesting challenge I’ve had a go at. Taking the challenge
statement at it’s basic level raises some interesting points. Addressing the detection
and treatment of competing promotions proved trickier than I expected but rewarding.
It’s also odd to find myself revisiting a problem I first tackled nearly 30 years ago. But it
was no surprise to find going that bit deeper into the problem, I needed the extra power
and flexibility the combination of objects and rules gives you over straight decision

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