BPM 2018 Predictions from Top Influencers

Today the term “BPM” hardly represents a pure Business Process Management as along with process automation it is trying to cover decision management, case management, digital transformation, and even machine learning and blockchain. So, it is especially interesting to read “What’s Next” thoughts from the top BPM experts accumulated in this article. Here are a few teasers:

  • “BPM is dead… long live BPM!” – Sandy Kemsley
  • “BPM is no longer a hot term or even shiny object… but don’t be fooled” – Jim Sinur
  • “The BPM market is, under this label, in fact stalled, if not shrinking” – Jakob Freund
  • “DMN will rapidly be recognized as the next best tool in BPM” – Denis Gagne
  • “People will continue to lump Decision Management with BPM to the detriment of both” – James Taylor
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