NoOps vs DevOps

In 2011 Mike Gualtieri of Forrester Research coined the term NoOps in his controversial blog post “I don’t want DevOps. I want NoOps.” In particular, Gualtieri said: “Developers should look to spend more of their time getting closer to the business, not getting closer to the hardware. I think DevOps is a step backward. Instead I propose NoOps. Like DevOps the goal of NoOps is also to improve the process of deploying applications. But, NoOps means that application developers will never have to speak with an operations professional again. NoOps will achieve this nirvana, by using cloud infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service to get the resources they need when they need them.” Read the latest take on this topic in the new post “Is NoOps the End of DevOps? Think Again” by Jordan Bash.

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