Vacation Days Challenge

Jan-2016 Challenge “Vacation Days” generates a lot of interest among practitioners and experts. We’ve already received various solutions from 4 sources: OpenRules, DMN/Oracle, Progress Corticon, and Trisotech. You still have time to submit your solution that may become a choice for Prof. Jan Vanthienen who will analyze all solutions and will choose the best three.

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2 Responses to Vacation Days Challenge

  1. meparish says:

    Of course “best” is a rather subjective term.
    There are lots of ways a solution could be considered “best”
    For example:
    1. Fastest to execute (IT tends to like this one)
    2. Easiest to understand (by a business person not familiar with the tool used)
    3. Easiest to modify when the rules change (can the rules be enhanced without requiring a major rewrite?)
    4. Most concise
    5. Quickest to create
    I’d be curious to hear Jan’s (and others) definition of “best” as it applies to business rules and decision tables.

  2. We received solutions from two more vendors: Avola Decision and Blueriq. Now we got a quite rich set of various solutions from 6 (!) different sources. You still have 1 week left until Prof. Vanthienen will do his analysis.

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