Exceptions in Business Rules are Not Exceptions

Handling exceptions in your business logic is one of the most typical and non-trivial problem in decision management.  There are two new posts Can you Override that Rule? and Are the Rules the Same for Everyone? from Carole-Ann Matignon of Sparkling Logic that provide dos and don’ts for exception handling. You may also want to analyze different solutions for our Oct-2014 Challenge “Borrowing PASS/FAIL Decision with Mitigation Criteria“.

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1 Response to Exceptions in Business Rules are Not Exceptions

  1. Carole-Ann says:

    Thanks for highlighting my blog posts on exceptions. In return, I have illustrated how I would solve your borrowing decision challenge: http://www2.sparklinglogic.com/dmblog/2015/11/17/mitigation-rules/
    I am looking forward to your feedback 🙂

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