RulesFest-2009 Presentations

RulesFest History

Dr. Charles Forgy: Closely-Coupled Parallel Rule Bases

Greg Barton: Early Alert System at Southwest Airlines

Carole Ann Berlioz-Matignon: Measuring Your Rules’ KPIs

Daniel Brookshier: Generating Rules from UML

Eric Charpentier: Rule Classification First

Dr. Jacob Feldman: Rule Violations and Over-Constrained Problems

Dr. Gopal Gupta: Programming rules using a constraints-embedded spreadsheet interface

Rolando Hernandez:  A Model-Driven approach for validating rules, documenting business requirements, and defining system specifications for rules-based systems

Dr. Rick Hicks: Automated Verification Testing for Propositional Logic Systems

David A. Holz: Rule Patterns and Features in Modern Forward Chaining Engines:  Rules Beyond Business Rules

Dr. Leon A. Kappleman, John Zachman: Enterprise Architecture 201: Creating the Information Age Enterprise

Dr. Daniel S. Levine: Truth versus Useful Lies

Dr. Hafedh Mili: Agile Business Rule Development: a tautology or an oxymoron?

Jason Morris, Grant Tranter: Implementation of a Modified Propose and Revise Problem-Solving Method Using Jess

James C. Owen: Updating Rulebased Forecasting (RBF) to Use Modern Rule Engines

Mark Proctor: Production Rule Systems – Where do we go from here?

Mark Proctor: Distributed Programming with Rule Engines

Gary Riley: The CLIPS Implementation of the Rete Pattern Matching Algorithm

Carlos Serrano-Morales: Business Rules in the Cloud

Edson Tirelli: Extending General Purpose Engines with Domain Specific Resources

Edson Tirelli: Temporal Reasoning: a requirement for CEP

Larry Terrill: Introduction to Inference Engines

Paul Vincent: What’s Different About Rules in CEP?

Luke Voss: Building Domain Specific Language Languages for Rulebased Systems

Luke Voss: Graph Based Knowledge Bases and Rules

Luke Voss: Designing a System of Rule Based Agents

Andrew Waterman, Luis Garcia Barrios: Playing With the Rules:  Participatory Modeling and Network Gaming Through a Rules Engine

Charles Young: A Survey of Complex-Event Processing Models




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