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Finding Optimal Buy/Sell Decisions

Erwin Kalvelagen describes how to make optimal buy/sell decisions by solving this little optimization problem: “I have a prediction of prices for the next year. I have inventory that can contain max 25 products. I can either sell or buy … Continue reading

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Why intelligences fail?

Alain Chabrier, from IBM Decision Optimization Team: “These days, everyone has become an expert. Everyone knows about Covid-19, everyone has an opinion on what should have been done before, what should be done now, and what should be done later. … Continue reading

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Gurobi Optimization Application Demos

Gurobi, a provider of one of the most powerful mathematical optimization solvers,  announced new Optimization Application Demos. Each demo is a proof-of-concept of an application that addresses a challenging and high-value problem.  In particular, it contains another solution for our … Continue reading

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IBM Decision Optimization Community

IBM announced a new Decision Optimization Community that consolidates all old related groups. This community is dedicated to all topics related to Decision Optimization, ranging from CPLEX and CP Optimizer to OPL, DOcplex, model development in Watson Studio and deployment … Continue reading

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AI’s Premier Award 2020 goes to Gene Freuder

The premier AI award, the IJCAI Research Excellence Award, this year goes to Professor Eugene C. Freuder. It is Gene Freuder who said: “We are in the business of helping computers help people make better decisions.” In 1997 in his … Continue reading

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Building Decision Optimization Microservices

A new LinkedIn’s post “Building a complete cloud-based Decision Optimization Service” converts our April-2020 Challenge “Doctor Planning” to a complete decision optimization application called “Worker Scheduler“. It demonstrates that using modern cloud-based architecture and popular open-source tools such as JavaSolver, … Continue reading

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Speeding up decision-making under COVID-19 pressure

This is the title of today’s article by John Poppelaars: “Due to the lack of trustworthy information, hospitals need to make decisions on bed capacity, staffing, medicine and personal protective gear stock levels under high uncertainty. They need to make … Continue reading

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Decision Optimization during Covid-19

During this critical period, technology experts are trying to help as all other professionals. Alain Chabrier from IBM provides examples of how Decision Optimization can be used for optimal nurse scheduling in over-constrained hospital situations, transferring of patients between different … Continue reading

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Mathematical Optimization: Past, Present, and Future

In his 2-parts blog series, Gurobi Co-Founder Dr. Robert Bixby  takes us through the history of mathematical optimization from the 1940s until today. “Generally speaking, mathematical optimization has firmly established itself as a powerful problem-solving approach in today’s business world. … Continue reading

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Planning Analytics + Decision Optimization

Alain Chabrier from IBM discusses how Planning Analytics and Decision Optimization can complement and benefit from each other and introduces some ways to start integrating them. Link

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