Can’t We Do Better Than This? just published a story written by Bas van der Raadt: “Why did I almost end my 15+ year career in Enterprise architecture? Because I felt like large organizations are just doomed — destined to stay stuck in the complexities they created themselves. And there was nothing I was able to do about it, no matter how hard I tried. But before I decided to drastically change my career path, I thought: Can’t we do better than this? This question triggered an idea I wanted to investigate: Would it help if we could write intelligent software systems in a language that businesspeople themselves can read easily? And what if we could write software systems that are directly deployable after specification, without any technical release steps altogether? Would that be possible? Would that help make our complex world of large enterprises a bit simpler? In this article I share with you the story of my investigative journey to a more comprehensible world.Link Read also his articles “What is the difference between Ontologies and Business Rules?” and “How are an ontology and a business rule connected?

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