Challenge Aug-2021: Titanic Booking Service

Our Aug-2021 Challenge follows the popular Kaggle Titanic competition that uses Machine Learning to predicts which passengers survived the Titanic shipwreck. In our challenge we want you to use the Kuggle training and test data to create and test a special decision model called “Titanic Booking Service”. First, you should create a decision model with rules that produce one of the following advices for each passenger: 1) Bon Voyage; 2) Go at your own risk; 3) Don’t do it!

These rules can be created using any ML tool or manually following data analysis of the data and personal interpretation of the Titanic tragedy (“hints from the future”). Then the decision model should apply these rules against provided test-passengers giving them a booking “advice”, comparing them with what actually happened to each passenger, and producing a summary with total numbers of Good and Bad advices. We plan to announce winners (people who produce the largest numbers of Good advices) at DecisionCAMP in September. Link

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