The ODM Rules Cookbook by Peter Warde

Peter Warde created ODM Rules Cookbook as a collection of resources (source code, frameworks, blueprints, APIs, kits, building-blocks, documents, working examples) in a GIT repository that can be used in the design and development of IBM Operational Decision Manager business rules. With the ODM Cookbook you will design and build richer, better, more maintainable and higher quality ODM rule applications. Link

“Unlike the ODM product samples which compile and execute with the legacy Ant build tool, everything in the ODM Rules Cookbook is built with Apache Maven from an Atlassian GIT source repository. Examples and API’s come with JUnit 5 tests and test harnesses, so the code is closer to production code and easier to integrate into your environment. The Cookbook also uses SLF4J logging to help you trace and debug your applications. It supports both SOAP and REST services using Apache CXF. Unlike the ODM product samples, common functionalities are shared rather than duplicated, and built using a single unified Maven build. Any development you do will be built on top of the Cookbook technology stack of Java 8, Maven and JUnit, and will be test-driven.”

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