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The Rules of Happiness

Silvie Spreeuwenberg: “Most people are happy most of the time but do not think, write down or analyse all the good things that make them happy every day. Our tendency is to stress, analyse and act based on negative events. … Continue reading

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Is Bigger Better?

It is highly likely that the next wave of innovation in new technologies and new companies will happen right under the noses of big companies operating at what the public markets think of as peak (earnings) potential. What is the best … Continue reading

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Deep Learning Sharpens Views of Cells and Genes

“Eyes are said to be the window to the soul—but researchers at Google see them as indicators of a person’s health. The technology giant is using deep learning to predict a person’s blood pressure, age and smoking status by analysing … Continue reading

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Best Challenges/Solutions of 2017: Poll Results

We received 91 votes for our 2017 Community poll. The challenges/solutions which collected the most votes are presented in the following table: As all votes were anonymous, it’s hard to tell how objective these results are: we do not know … Continue reading

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