There is “Deep Misinformation” in AI

DeepMisinformationDeep Learning (DL), the only field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that went viral. However, DL is not synonym of AI! The most advertised AI tools by Google, Facebook etc are mainly or only DL, so the wide public thinks that all the new AI records are (and will be) done with DL only. This is not true. Decision Trees like XGBoost are not making headlines, but silently beat DL at many Kaggle tabular data competitions. The media implied that AlphaGo is DL-only, but it’s a Monte Carlo tree search + DL, an evidence that pure DL was not enough to win. Many reinforcement learning tasks are solved with Neuroevolution’s NEAT, no backpropagation. There is ‘deep misinformation’ in AI. ” Read more

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