Challenge Aug-2016: Greeting a Customer with Unknown Data

challengeyourselfWe expect BR&DM vendors will provide their solutions to our Aug-2016 Challenge “Greeting a Customer with Unknown Data“. This is a variation of the “Hello World!” use case when a decision model automatically generates greetings like “Good Morning, Mrs. Robinson!” doing its best based on the information it can get about the calling customer. In the DMN format simplified rules for this problem may look like below:
DefineGreeting DefineSalutation1

However, like in the real-world, this simple case leads to many non-trivial questions to be addressed:

  • How is “Current Hour” is defined?
  • How the thresholds for the “Current Hour” (such as 11, 17, and 22)  are defined?
  • What if Gender and/or Marital Status are unknown?
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