Gartner Backs Decision Modeling in Algorithm Economy

James Taylor just published a post, in which he describes a new research Develop Good Decision Models to Succeed at Decision Management produced by Gartner’s analysts Lisa Kart and Roy Schulte and available only to subscribers. Here is a quote:

“The industry trends toward algorithmic business and decision automation are driving wider adoption of the decision management discipline. To succeed at decision management, data and analytics leaders need to understand which decisions need to be modeled and how to model them.”

Another related Gartner’s quote comes from this article by Nathan Brixius:

“Imagine a marketplace where billions of algorithms are available, each one representing a piece of software code that solves a problem or creates a new opportunity from the exponential growth in the internet of things. As apps have revolutionized human to machine interaction, we’ll see the algorithm economy power the next great leap in machine-to-machine evolution.”

Note that the author himself is deeply skeptical of the Gartner’s notion of the algorithm economy.

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