DecisionCAMP-2018 Presentations


DecisionCAMP Chair Welcome Presentation
Dr. Alan Fish (FICO) Specifying collaborative decision-making systems using BPMN, CMMN & DMN
Denis Gagne (Trisotech) Decision Automation using Models, Services and Dashboards
Prof. Jan Vanthienen, Thibaut Bender and Faruk Hasić
(KU Leuven)
The support of Decision Modeling features and concepts in tooling
Dr. Jacob Feldman (OpenRules) Goal-Oriented Business Decision Modeling
Dr. Jolyon Cox (RapidGen) and Dr. Jan Purchase (LuxMagi) High-Performance Decision Model Execution by Compilation of DMN into Machine Code
Bas Janssen and Stijn van Dooremalen (IAM4) Smart contracts from legal text: interpretation, analysis and modelling
Dan Selman and Dr. Jerome Simeon (Clause) Accord Project for Smart Legal Contracts
Dr. Octavian Patrascoiu (GoldmanSachs) jDMN: An execution engine for DMN in Java
Yoshihito Nakayama, Masahiro Mori, Dr. Yoshiaki Narusue and Dr. Hiroyuki Morikawa (University of Tokyo) Decision-making in sales activity: applying process mining approach
Award Announcement Lifetime Achievement Award
Carole-Ann Berlioz and Carlos Serrano-Morales (Sparkling Logic) Spreadsheets in Decision Management
Daniel Schmitz-Hübsch and Ulrich Striffler (Materna) Managing a Decision Zoo (Requirements Engineering for Complex Decisions)
Yoshihito Nakayama (Intra-Mart) Automatic judgment of decision authority using OpenRules
Dr. Jan Purchase and David Petchey
Explaining the Unexplainable: Using DMN to Justify the Outcomes of Black-box Analytics
Martin de Villiers (MedScheme) Fusion Project – replacing a legacy system elephant, one bite at a time
Walter Berkowicz and Mark Woods (AllState) Implementing Decision Modeling in a Large Organization
Matteo Mortari (RedHat) Introduction and Updates on DMN TCK
Wilfried Kurth (AXA CH) Decision Modeling at AXA CH
Helmut Simonis   (Insight Centre) Outpatient Waitlist Analysis for Irish Hospitals
Mark Proctor (RedHat) Modernizing Production Rule Systems
Tim Stephenson (OmnyLink) Modeling progress on Climate Change and Social Value Acts
Brian Stucky (Alligiance) Driving FinTech and RegTech with Industry and Technology Standards
Jacob Feldman Closing Discussion