DecisionCAMP Session “Why is symbolic AI being overshadowed by statistical AI?” on January 11, 2023

Date: Wed, Jan 11, 2023 at 12:00pm EST (New York Time) Title: “Why is symbolic AI being overshadowed by statistical AI?” Presenter: Dr. Bas van der Raadt, RECORDING Abstract: There is so much hype around statistical AI. But why? These AI systems can only reproduce old facts. They produce unreliable outcomes. They are not transparent. And their underlying architectures seem to increasingly factor out human control. So why is the decision making industry (and their customer base) heading in such a disastrous direction? And why is symbolic AI, which does not suffer from all mentioned disadvantages, not able to turn this tide around by offering a more reliable and transparent alternative? Maybe symbolic AI systems are perceived as too hard to implement, because they require explicit domain knowledge (which is a problem for most organizations). The perceived advantage of statistical AI is that they only require data (which most organizations already have), and the system will do the rest. And maybe the most recent hype around generative AI (like ChatGTP) shows that people love the Natural Language user experience. So, can the symbolic AI field do a better job at attracting attention? Could building symbolic AI systems be made easier? Could Natural Language specification of domain knowledge be an answer? Bas van der Raadt will try to address these questions in a short presentation and demo of an experimental, Natural Language Execution (NLE) platform, called Hapsah. Please fill in the following fields to register for this session:

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