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Google Announced a new Speech Recognizer

Google has announced the rollout of an end-to-end, all-neural, on-device speech recognizer based on the latest machine learning capabilities. “Our new all-neural, on-device Gboard speech recognizer is initially being launched to all Pixel phones in American English only. Given the … Continue reading

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ML: A Step-by-Step Disaster Prevention Guide

Diving into Machine Learning (ML) without knowing what you’re trying to achieve is a recipe for disaster. This disaster prevention guide describes 13 steps to follow.

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The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book

Andriy Burkov, a machine learning team leader at Gartner, published “The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book“. Its preface says: “Let’s start by telling the truth: machines don’t learn. What a typical “learning machine” does, is finding a mathematical formula, which, when … Continue reading

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“Old” AI vs Deep Learning

Vincent Gosselin from DecisionBrain wrote: “At last an article that takes a realistic view of AI rather than a sole focus on deep learning. We recently came across a failed AI project where a fairly hyped company, let’s call it … Continue reading

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Mike Gualtieri: How to Make AI Happen Without Getting Fired

Mike Gualtieri from Forrester Research offers 8 tips on how to make AI happen without getting fired. These tips are based on his discussions with enterprise data scientists and enterprise leaders who embarked on machine learning and AI projects in … Continue reading

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Is Your Insurance Business Missing a Critical Decision Window When it Comes to AI?

Yesterday Craig Bedell from IBM’s Global Insurance Industry Leadership Team wrote: “I believe most insurance companies have hit a critical point in time with regards to their investments in analytics, innovation and even AI, where business leaders are measuring more … Continue reading

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The ML Surprise

Peter Norvig points to the ML “surprise” described in Josh Cogan’s article “The Surprising Truth About What it Takes to Build a Machine Learning Product“:  “Optimizing an ML algorithm takes much less relative effort, but collecting data, building infrastructure, and integration each take much more work. … Continue reading

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