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Bill Gates: a new way to look at Leonardo

  “If you just look carefully, you could really figure the world out” On Dec. 18 Bill Gates wrote: “I’ve been fascinated by the artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci for decades. He had one of the most innovative minds … Continue reading

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Rule-Based Bots vs AI Bots

According to this article, “Companies like Amazon are dumping AI-powered chatbots in favor of ‘dumb’ bots that make customer service smarter. That’s because rules-based chatbots are cheaper, easy to implement, 99-percent effective, and solve issues fast… Rules-based bots that offer pre-populated … Continue reading

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Decision-Centric RPA

Arash Aghlara compares traditional Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with decision-centric RPA when both robots and staff share the logic for repetitive operational business decisions. “Enabling robots to make such decisions is not about technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Predictive Analytics, etc. … Continue reading

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Decisioning Challenges of Driverless Cars

It is a lot harder to make an autonomous car than to sell the idea to AI-obsessed audiences. Christian Wolmar, the British author and broadcaster, said in this interview: “This is a fantasy that has not been thought through, and … Continue reading

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Progress in Natural Language Processing

In August, researchers from the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, a lab based in Seattle, unveiled an English test for computers. It examined whether machines could complete sentences. In October Google researchers unveiled a a new language representation model called Bert. These new language … Continue reading

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The end of the beginning

Benedict Evans, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, gave a big annual  presentation on the state of tech – ‘the end of the beginning’ at a16z’s annual tech conference on Nov. 16, 2018. “Close to three quarters of all the adults on earth now have … Continue reading

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Intelligent Chatboats for Commercial Interactions

The NY Times Magazine published an article called “INTELLIGENT CHATBOTS COULD AUTOMATE AWAY NEARLY ALL OF OUR COMMERCIAL INTERACTIONS”. Andrew NG tweeted today: “Great article about how chatbots like HiWoebot will be one of the most important applications of NLP. … Continue reading

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