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June-2018 Challenge “Credit Card Application”

More than 4 years ago on Jan 8, 2014 Nick Broom published one of the first real-world decision model “Credit Card Application” with an objective to demonstrate the newly introduced DMN standard version 1.0. Now, when many vendors announced their support for DMN, we … Continue reading

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Better Rules Hackathon

The Better Rules Hackathon is happening on May 19-20 in New Zealand with the aim of exploring the ideas and practice of making legislation into machine consumable ‘digital rules’ that can be reused and integrated across domains for the benefit … Continue reading

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Solutions for Apr-2018 Challenge

So far we received 3 solutions for our Apr-2018 Challenge “Up-Selling Rules”: DT5GL,  Corticon, and OpenRules. While the decision model is simple, it contains two decision tables that should be executed in a certain order: first define a customer profile and only then offer new products. … Continue reading

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Challenge Apr-2018 “Up-Selling Rules”

Our Apr-2018 challenge asks DM practitioners to provide decision models  for up-selling rules, examples of which are presented in simple decision tables. As usual, you may extend this use case by sharing your real-world experience with up-selling and cross-selling rules.

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Sales Promotions – After Challenge Discussion

While it is certainly possible to define database structures to represent sales promotions it may be better to use rules or decision tables to support the wide variety and frequent change that seems to occur in the real world. Continue reading

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Challenge Feb-2018 “Tax Decision Table”

With tax season upon us, our February Challenge deals with a quite simple decision table created by a business analyst from a tax agency. How would you represent this  table using your favorite business rules and decision management tool?

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About Our Challenges

Dr. Bob Moore submitted his Drools-based solution for our Jan-2018 Challenge. This is a third solution, and we still are looking for a pure DMN FEEL solution. Bob also wrote: “One of the fun aspects of the DMC challenges is seeing … Continue reading

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