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Announcing the Logical Contracts Server

Prof. Bob Kowalski and his colleagues at Imperial College London announced the Logical Contracts Server that incorporates extensions of LPS (Logic Production System) to facilitate deployment of smart contracts. Its website contains a link to a preliminary version, now available for trial. It … Continue reading

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On the Road to Self-Sovereign Identity

In the upcoming world of self-sovereign identity every person, organization, or thing will have its own truly-independent digital identity that no other person, company, or government can take away.  Consider this scenario: “Let’s say ‘Sam’ is applying for a car loan … Continue reading

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Smart contracts need business rules to be really smart

Blockchain technology is on its way to change the game in a lot of industries by providing the platform of trust to transact value in a business network. Smart Contract is a key mechanism of the platform. The new article by … Continue reading

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Blockchain Reference Architecture and Decision Models

Blockchain technology has the potential to have a major impact on how institutions process transactions and conduct business. Blockchain technology provides a secure transaction ledger database through a decentralized network. It has the potential to reduce operational costs and friction, create … Continue reading

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Blockchain for Wall Street

A new article “Blockchain Pros Debate ‘Looming Challenges’ for Smart Contracts” talks about Wall Street insiders and blockchain innovators who are trying to sort through when a smart contract is a bad idea, when it’s a good idea and what stands in … Continue reading

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How Blockchain Will Change Your Life

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty describes how blockchain provides a pivotal opportunity for companies and industries. “Blockchain offers a way to track items or transactions using a shared digital “ledger.” Blocks of new transactions are added at the end of the … Continue reading

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