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Challenge Apr-2020: Doctor Planning

This month challenge “Doctor Planning” is a simplified version of a real-life case especially important today as described in this post. Submit your solutions using your favorite Business Rules or Decision Optimization tools. Link

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DMN 1.3 has been released

DMN Version 1.3 has been released to the public: Specification: PDF: Examples:

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Rules Change Quickly

Kristen Seer: “Never in my life have I seen rules change so quickly. Take reusable grocery bags vs. plastic bags as an example. Reusable bags are recognized as the preferred environmental choice and many cities were on the verge of … Continue reading

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Decision Optimization during Covid-19

During this critical period, technology experts are trying to help as all other professionals. Alain Chabrier from IBM provides examples of how Decision Optimization can be used for optimal nurse scheduling in over-constrained hospital situations, transferring of patients between different … Continue reading

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Mathematical Optimization: Past, Present, and Future

In his 2-parts blog series, Gurobi Co-Founder Dr. Robert Bixby  takes us through the history of mathematical optimization from the 1940s until today. “Generally speaking, mathematical optimization has firmly established itself as a powerful problem-solving approach in today’s business world. … Continue reading

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New Gartner Reports on Decision Management Suites

Today Gartner published two reports on decision management suites based primarily on the results of surveys of 20 DMS vendors conducted by Gartner from Aug 2019 through Mar 2020.

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What does it mean to be an expert?

An IT expert Bozhidar Bozhanov makes interesting points about being an expert: “First, make sure you know what you don’t know, so that you can explore it if needed. Second, we need to value expertise with its imperfections. There is … Continue reading

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Lex Fridman: Escaping the Local Optimum of Low Expectation

Many of well-known experts in the knowledge representation, decision management, machine learning, and AI in general are interested to know what is in the mind of the next generation of AI researchers. Lex Fridman is a young but already well-known … Continue reading

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