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FICO Now Supports DMN with Free Modeling Tool

FICO® DMN Modeler supports the OMG DMN standard for describing and modeling repeatable decisions within organizations, and ensuring that decision models are interchangeable across organizations. FICO DMN Modeler is available for free on the FICO® Analytic Cloud. Decision models created in FICO … Continue reading

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DMN Wish and Don’t Wish Lists

James Taylor & Jan Purchase proposed two lists for DMN standard: DMN Features to Avoid and Features to Be Added to DMN Here is another DMN Wish List from Bruce Silver What’s is your opinion?

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Personal Sim: Most Empowering and Intimate Form of AI

John Smart is a futurist exploring the intersection of technology and culture. In his new post he explores the five- to-twenty-year future of smart agents and the knowledge bases they use and build. These may be the most socially important … Continue reading

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Golden Age for AI?

The Economist just published an interesting article “Million-dollars babies“. Here are a few quotes: “…firms compete to hire the smartest AI experts. Technology giants, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Baidu, are racing to expand their AI activities. …In the past universities employed the world’s … Continue reading

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